How To Use Instagram’s New Boomerang App



Just when you thought your Instagram obsession couldn’t get any worse, Instagram had to go and launch Boomerang.

What’s Boomerang you ask? Basically when you use the app, it takes a burst of photos and combines them into a mini video that plays forwards and then reverses. Your burst of photos is essentially turned into a boomerang! The Boomerang automatically saves to your phone so you can upload it to Instagram. A Boomerang is a hybrid photo, video, and gif. You can use the app to highlight a moment of natural wonder such as waves crashing on the beach or a bird taking off into flight. Or you can make it look like your cat is talking to you–whichever is your style!


Eva Chen, Instagram’s new head of fashion partnerships, announced the new app on her Instagram account with a beautiful Boomerang of her throwing flower petals only to have them jump back into her hand. If you are wondering how to best utilize the app, look to the former editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine for inspiration. Her always fabulous Instagram feed has been made even better by Boomerangs of her posing with celebs, glittering runway shows and silly moments such as showing off her Halloween costume.

Still don’t know where to start with Boomerang? Here’s a few we would like to try!

  • Showing off the perfect serve in volleyball
  • Blowing a massive bubble and watching it burst
  • Celebrating a happy moment with a festive clanking of glasses
  • Fireworks bursting in the sky
  • Someone throwing an actual boomerang

Tell us how you plan to use the new Boomerang app!