How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Event



How To Use Pinterest To Plan Your Next Event

Meet Brittney, one of our Events interns here at Bloguettes! She’s a pro decorator and events coordinator. She loves to use her obsession with Pinterest as a way to think of new and creative ways to make things. So, she’s here to share her expertise on how to use her favorite app to plan fun and unique events!

How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Event

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Planning an event can be difficult. There are so many different aspects that go into it, not to mention all the time you spend. Luckily, we have Pinterest to help take a lot of the creative stress off our shoulders!

Why Pinterest?

When planning your event, you usually browse creative outlets to find unique ideas on how to make your event Instagram worthy and to create a fun, creative space. Using Pinterest to plan an event is one of the best tools you could possibly use. It allows you to not only search for new and creative ideas to use for your event, but also is a organizer in itself.

For example, I use Pinterest as a way to separate and organize my ideas. I decide which boards I am going to create for my event and categorize them so that it’s easier to map out what you’re going to actually use and what you just thought was cute while you were scrolling from one pin to the next. For example, I’ll make a board for “tablescapes, backdrops, florals, food, etc”.  

Search for ‘Pinspiration’

A great first step when scrolling through pins is to search for “Pinspiration” as some would say. Start by scrolling through your searched Pinterest feed and see what exactly is out there and get the inspiration you need to, then go forward and narrow your searches down. This will help you to put together the perfect categorized Pinterest board. Try to separate the cute ideas from the reality of what you will actually be able to create or purchase!

Related Pins

One of the best ways to find a creative inspiration is by looking at related pins. Once you click on a pin that looks fitting for your event, you’re exposed to the related pins followed below and you can expand your creativity even more. This is generally where you can find even better ideas for your event, because they’re different variations of the pin you have clicked on.

Once you’ve pinned your favorites, you can combine them to create your own unique version for your event. This is the best way to produce new and exciting ideas that you’ll love and your guests will fall in love with, too!

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