How To Use Snapchat For Business



Snapchat, originally a fun way to send silly self-destructing photos to your friends, has now become a powerful new tool for brands to further connect with their audience. Check out our suggestions below to learn how to optimize Snapchat to your brand’s benefit!

1. Feature Exclusive Content

Taking your audience “behind the scenes” is the perfect way to begin using Snapchat as a marketing tool. Though the content will differ depending on what your business entails, remember to give your audience a fresh look into something that interests them in regard to your brand. For example, if you’re a food blogger, you could “invite” your audience into your kitchen while you whip up a crowd-pleasing recipe, or you could show them snippets of your night out on the town if your brand’s focus is nightlife.

You can also use Snapchat as an additional platform to show your audience a different lens into your brand’s life while delivering private content. Remember that every new platform you embark on has to also provide added value to your audience. Make sure that whatever you debut on Snapchat is new and pertinent information that they cannot get anywhere else!

2. Focus On Visuals & Value

With the exception of a brief caption, Snapchat is entirely visual. Thus, you must create content that holds your audience’s attention! All of your snaps should add to your brand’s storyline; whether they are captivating, silly or whimsical, ensure they add something new and unseen.

Put yourself in your viewers’ shoes and ask if your Snapchat story is something that you would enjoy watching and be inclined to share with your friends. There is NOTHING worse than tapping into a Snapchat story that is far too long with no payoff! Make sure that your Snapchats hold value, just as you would with any other content you publish!

3. Keep Duration In Mind

On the flip side, the beauty of Snapchat is that you do not need to overthink it and be hypercritical. Each individual video is a maximum of 10 seconds long, allowing you to create content quickly and freely. Experiment with what your audience responds best to, and do not be afraid to ask what it is that they would like to see from you!

To use Snapchat effectively, you have to remember that your window to grab and hold your audience’s attention is TINY. You are not only competing with millions of other snaps that they could be watching at that very moment, but with every video ever created! This fact demands that you create unique and pertinent content. Show them something that they can only get from you! A great way to do this is to provide access to live events, especially events such as meet-ups, parties, or collaborations that you have promoted on your site or blog. Give your followers an inside look into places that they would not have access to if it were not for you.

4. Partner With Influencers

Partnering with influencers whom your audience is also interested in is another great way to not only provide them with new content, but is also a clever way to gain followers who may not have found you otherwise. Snapchat offers you a unique platform to cross-promote between brands and bloggers. Feature someone else that would be interesting to your followers on your Snapchat and be featured on theirs in return. When teaming up with other influencers, you all call attention to one another and open up new channels for potential followers to find you.

5. Promote Yourself

The only downside to Snapchat is that is does not make it easy to find or search for users. In order to gain a following on Snapchat, you must diligently promote its existence across all of your online platforms. Be sure to add your Snapchat name to your site, your Instagram, Twitter, etc. and regularly remind your followers to check out your latest videos!