How To Use Summer To Improve Your Career

How To Use Summer To Get Ahead In Your Career - Bloguettes: Summer is when we usually sit back and relax, but we can also use the summer time to get ahead in your career!


How To Use Summer To Get Ahead In Your Career - Bloguettes: Summer is usually a time when people step back & unwind. Get ahead of the curve by using summer to improve your career with these tips!

Is there anything more desirable than spending the whole summer lying on a sandy beach or floating in the pool? We can’t think of anything more appealing, but we can think of a few more productive ways to spend the summer months! Whether you are a student with three months of downtime or a worker bee enjoying a laid-back schedule, summer is your time to make major strides towards improving your career. So put down that Piña Colada and get ready to get to work!


While the last thing you probably associate with summer is school, it’s the best time of year to educate yourself. To be clear, we aren’t talking about squeezing in that last general education requirement. Take a class, whether online or at a local community college, in something you didn’t learn in school and that is geared towards your profession. Your goal should be to learn some basics about topics applicable to your career like SEO, social media marketing, HTML coding or copy editing. If you lack professional experience in a certain area, taking a class is a great way to prove that you are committed to mastering that skill. Your employer or interviewer will see you as smart, committed, determined and hardworking!

If you lack professional experience in a topic, taking a class is a great way to prove you are committed to excellence.

Network Like Crazy

If you have your eyes set on certain companies, summer is the perfect time to start networking with their employees. Why summer in particular? Well that’s when a lot of companies throw events like concerts, parties, pop-up shops, runway shows and other fun events. Hit up these events and do your best to mingle with employees from the company and do your best to get some insider info on the company culture, job opportunities, and hiring process. And if they just so happen to ask for a business card, make sure you have one on hand.

Do you like to travel in the summer? Who can you seek out in a new city that may make for a worthwhile connection? The same goes for old connections. If you head home for the summer, check in on your old pals. Chances are, one of them will be able to provide you with insight on their career path or connect you to someone in their network. The more people you talk to and connect with, the better.

Up Your Game

Summer tends to be a more casual season in every office whether the dress code loosens up a bit or the office closes early to enjoy the beautiful weather. While everyone else is taking it easy, take advantage of the laid-back vibes to take your job or internship even more seriously than you usually do. Prove to your manager how committed you are to your job and by the time the autumn leaves start falling, you will reap the rewards.

Try Something New

Are you stuck in a work rut? Spend the summer trying new things and you may just open your eyes to new ideas or possibilities. Travel, sign up for dance lessons, learn a language or read a book on a topic you know nothing about. The more you experience and learn, the better chance you have of stumbling on some new ideas.


Now ignore everything we just told you and make sure to squeeze some time in this summer to relax. If you find yourself running on fumes all year long, then summer is the perfect time to rest, relax and recharge. Listen to what your mind and body needs and indulge yourself a little. By the time fall rolls around, you will be ready to kick butt at whatever it is you want to do!