How To Use Visual Marketing To Win Your Audience

How To Use Visual Marketing To Win Your Audience | Learn how to use visual marketing and graphic design to improve your emails, social media posts, and more to leave your competitors in the dust!


In a world that’s filled with tons and tons of information right at our fingertips, it is becoming more and more important to design content that captures your audience’s attention. Beautifully designed graphics and images have the ability to bring your audience to your blog or website, and, if done correctly, can help to brand and identify your content across the Internet. When designing visual content, use these tips to help win your audience and leave your competitors in the dust!

Use High Quality Images & Pictures

They always say “quality over quantity,” right? It is ALWAYS best to have good, clean images you are proud of than to have options of mediocre photos on your website or blog. When taking images for your visual marketing, use a DSLR camera and export your images so they have a DPI above 300. When designing graphics, ensure that they are sized correctly for the space you are using them for (i.e. tall and vertically oriented for Pinterest), and export them with a DPI of at least 72. Plus, you don’t want a tiny graphic to get stretched or distorted on your site, which could make the text on it difficult to read.

Utilize Images With Different Layouts

If you’re designing a graphic to promote a blog post, design multiple (but similar) graphics of various sizes so you can promote the blog post across social media channels and email blasts in the format that works best for those channels (psssst….cheat sheet here!). Most brands use a mix of images and graphics in their visual marketing, but some brands just stick to one. Use whichever method resonates best with YOUR audience or whichever one YOU are most comfortable with (for example, if you have awful graphic design skills, but are good at photography, stick to what you’re good at!). If you do decide to take pictures for your visual marketing, remember to keep negative space (“empty” space in the photo) in mind so that you have room to add text later. This ensures that the final graphic doesn’t look too “busy”! See below for examples.

How To Use Visual Marketing To Win Your Audience

Use Your Brand’s Color Palette

If you haven’t already select a color palette for your brand, pick some colors ASAP! One you have them selected, stick to those colors when making all of your visual marketing—whether it’s the colors you incorporate in the photo or the colors of the text and icons you add to it. Using the same few colors across your visual marketing will give your brand a strong sense of identity and will make your content easily identifiable.

Incorporate Your Brand’s Logo & Fonts

Before you export your graphics or pictures, it might be smart to add your brand’s logo to a corner of the images. This ensures that if someone wants to pin or repost your content that you still get the credit for it!

When adding text to your graphics, stick to fonts in your branding guide. You should have at least one script (AKA a cursive) font and one sans-serif (AKA an easy-to-read type, like the one this is written in). With images that are “busy” or have a lot of texture to them, it can help to add a gradient of color on top of the image BEFORE adding a layer of icons or text to make it easier to read.

How To Use Visual Marketing To Win Your Audience

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