How To Write Emails That Will Get A Response

How To Write An Email That Will Get You A Response - Bloguettes


Although our inboxes should be an organized, sacred place dedicated to work, they rarely are. Regardless of the time you spend unsubscribing from the myriad of emails you don’t want, there still seems to be fifteen online Australian clothing stores and three fad diets begging you to buy something daily.

While every now and again this leads you to a killer deal on a product you’ve been wanting to try, more often then not, it’s just annoying and distracts you from anything meaningful in your inbox. The same is true with successful business individuals that you admire. Their inboxes are a battlefield; so here are some tips to make sure your message isn’t being swiftly thrown into the trash, giving you a better chance to get the reply you want.

Keep It Brief

Ain’t nobody got time for a novel in email form. The successful individual who you are hoping to hear back from is busy. Respect that by keeping your email short and to the point. Having a bite-sized email will help to ensure that your receiver actually reads it in its entirety.

Be Authentic

Be upfront about why you are emailing. It’s never a fun feeling to receive an email from someone that starts out with “I don’t want anything in return,” and ends with them asking you for something. Be honest from the get-go with why you are sending them an email. If you want to compliment them on something they have recently created, do so. If you have a great idea that you would like to share, share it. If you would like to open up the lines of communication and gauge whether or not they would be interested in speaking with you every now and again, tell them that. Being honest about your intentions not only shows that you are looking to make an authentic connection, but it also establishes a trust between the two of you.

Be honest about your intentions to create an authentic connection & sense of trust.

Add Value

Be a giver in all situations. If you would like to receive a reply to your emails, you need to establish a relationship with the individual you are emailing. Adding value to another person’s day-to-day life, big or small, encourages them to want to engage with you. The same way that you are more inclined to answer a phone call from a friend who calls you with important information rather than a friend who is known to call you whenever she is bored, you’re more likely to receive a reply to an email that holds value for its reader than an email they can quickly forget about. You can do this by sharing a pertinent link to help their business or offering your services regarding something they are working on.

Ask For Nothing

Ask for nothing–literally nothing. When you win the lottery people come out of the woodwork expecting things from you. The equivalent happens once you reach a certain level of success. The person you are reaching out to is likely asked for things constantly, whether it be a partnership or a mention. Make sure that you aren’t the person that introduces yourself one minute and asks them for a favor the next. Instead try to explain why you would like them to be a contact of yours, what projects they have done that inspire you, or what you would like to learn from them professionally. Building a sincere relationship before you ever ask for anything is not only refreshing, but will make them more inclined to help you when the day comes.