Increasing Engagement on Facebook



Photo from Stock That Rocks 

As Facebook has grown, it has provided so many opportunities to help brands and businesses. However, because of its immense growth, competition has increased for posts to reach numerous people on the News Feed. In a recent article about the content sharing and how it affects businesses, Facebook mentioned that on a given day, there are an average of 1,500 possible stories that can be shown when someone visits News Feed. This means that there is a decline in organic reach. So, it is more important than ever to focus on strategies you can use to keep your engagement increasing.

Of course, one obvious way to combat this is to pay for Facebook advertising. However, it isn’t the only way! Not everyone has the means to invest in advertising on Facebook, so Bloguettes has put together our favorite 4 tips for increasing organic engagement on Facebook without spending money!


Statistics show that Facebook posts with pictures get more engagement than any other type of post. If possible, try to share a photo with every post! Photos with little to no text perform the best, so try and use text just in the caption if possible. Adding a link in the caption is also a great way to get people to maneuver from your Facebook page to your blog or site as well. Sidenote: if you’re trying to ‘promote’ an image (meaning, paying for advertising), Facebook won’t allow it if your image has over 20% text. So keep the wordy flyers for your email list, blog and other social media!


Tagging other people, brands, companies, or pages in your post will ensure that your post reaches more people than it would if it were purely just on your page. Rather than only reaching your audience, your post now has the capability to reach an entirely new set of people that follow/like the other tagged page. This will not only expand your audience, but the tagged page’s audience as well.


The timing of your posts is actually very important. If people aren’t awake or online to see what you’re posting, then your posts will have much lower engagement. There is a very simple solution to this! Facebook has a feature called ‘insights’ that allows you to check out what time of day your fans are online most. Once you have this information, it’s easy to make sure you’re posting when people will see it!


People are much more likely to be engaging on Facebook if they have an actual reason to. Asking questions in your posts, posting about giveaways, or making sure there is a clear call to action will all help your posts. Make sure that your topics are relevant to your fans and inspire them to want to be involved.

Although it is a very competitive social media platform, Facebook is still super important as a part of your overall marketing strategy when it comes to your blog or website. As always, keeping your readers in mind is one of the most important things you can do. Creating content (whether on your blog or on social media) that speaks to your followers and is a genuine representation of yourself will help to keep your fans engaged!