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Meet the girls of Be Social PR! They’re a premium lifestyle communications agency based in California with services and strategies for social media and event marketing, public relations, influencer collaboration, and digital publicity. They’ve got the hookups & the knowledge when it comes to everything marketing and PR. We asked director Ali Grant to explain something we always get questions about: “How should I price myself as an influencer?” and “How can I, as a company, reach out & work with influencers?” Two totally different, yet related questions! Thanks to the ladies at Be Social, we’ve got the answers to the topic of influencer compensation. Read on!

What type of campaigns can influencers and brands do together?

Thanks to the creative outlets given to us by social media and the digital world, the possibilities are really endless! Ultimately, it really depends on the end goal of the brand and the influencer. For example, to increase awareness, brands often reach out to influencers to post their product on Instagram. From this, brands reach an entirely new audience and consequently grow their following. However, much more complex campaigns are possible. Influencers can become ambassadors of brands allowing them to continuously provide exposure for a certain product on all platforms. Other collaborations include influencers creating custom designs with fashion brands, attending or hosting events on a brand’s behalf, hosting Instagram takeovers or Twitter chats…truly, the possibilities go on and on!

Should influencers accept any brand that approaches them?

Accepting any and all brands that approach you is a definite no. The brand needs to make sense for each influencer and their niche. Influencers have become so popular because they offer their readers an authentic review of brands and products that are a fit for their lifestyles. If an influencer accepts a brand collaboration that isn’t really a fit for their aesthetic and lifestyle, it is extremely obvious and can lead to distrust from your community. As an influencer, YOU are your brand so you need to think strategically on what products and messaging you want associated with your platform.

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When should an influencer work for free and when are they allowed to ask for payment?

Choosing to work for free or for payment depends on a few factors:

  1. What is your reach as an influencer? If you are new to the blogging and influencer world, it doesn’t make sense to charge a high fee for brand collabs simply because you don’t have the numbers yet. In the beginning, while you can’t be charging brands, don’t view it as working for free, but rather working to build relationships with brands that are of interest to you! This is your time to be selective with which brands are a fit for your lifestyle and messaging to grow your platform. As you grow, you can begin to charge brands accordingly.
  2. It depends on the brand. Even if you have the numbers to charge and a brand that has major influence asks to work with you, it may make sense to not charge so you can facilitate the relationship. If you opt not to charge, you can request other levels of exclusivity so the collaboration is unique to you and your following.

What’s the best way for influencers to price a campaign? Is there a formula for pricing campaigns?

Determining your fees as an influencer all depends on just that, your influence. Brands are willing to pay if you can effectively show them your value and ROI (return on investment). This means, creating a press kit that lists your social media following, unique monthly visitors on your blog, YouTube subscribers, and any and all reach you have in the digital world. Based on these numbers, you can begin to charge brands. So, if you have just launched your blog, it may not make sense to charge brands a great deal. But, once you grow you can update your prices accordingly.

For example, some influencers on Instagram can charge as low as $30 per post. This means, you have a relatively large and dedicated following, but aren’t quite up there yet. Then, once you are in the hundreds of thousands of followers and beyond, you can charge brands upwards of hundreds to thousands of dollars. Remember, it all comes down to how you can effectively show your worth and brand value!

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