The Inside Scoop on Instagram Pods

The Inside Scoop on Instagram Pods


The Inside Scoop on Instagram Pods - Bloguettes

Remember Instagram’s algorithm change last year? If you’re a creative or small business owner, you most likely weren’t very happy about it!

But what if we told you there’s a way to preserve that authentic engagement you had with your followers before the new algorithm? You’ll be happy to learn about Instagram comment pods, which are a great way to build a support system as you grow your platform! Read along as we give you the inside scoop on Instagram pods and how you can use them to get your brand’s name out there!

Instagram Pods: What Are They?

An Instagram comment pod is a group message started by Instagram users who are in the same niche and share the same interest to grow their following. For example, a group of 12 fashion bloggers may get together and start an Instagram comment pod. Whenever a member of this group posts a new picture, they will share it with the pod. Everyone in the pod will then like and comment on the picture, increasing engagement around the post! Consider this to be the ultimate hack to getting around the Instagram algorithm!

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The Inside Scoop on Instagram Pods
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How to Use Them

There are several different ways to start an Instagram pod. One way is to create a group message on Instagram and add the users you want (don’t forget to come up with a catchy name for the pod!). Then, have everyone in the pod let the group know when they’ve uploaded a new post on Instagram. This way, all of the pod members will know to go give the post some love!

Another way to use Instagram pods is to have everyone in the pod turn on post notifications for all of the members. Whenever a post is uploaded, the members will be automatically notified and they will know to go like the post and leave a comment!

Finally, you can also create a boost group on Facebook and have a daily thread. Members in the group can leave comments with direct links to their Instagram posts, so every member can engage with one another’s posts!

3 Ways to Start an Instagram Pod

What Should I Comment?

When leaving comments on other’s photos, make sure they’re substantial! Comments longer than 4 words tend to boost the post more. Plus, who doesn’t want some quality comments on their posts? The last thing you want is to look like an Instagram robot, so leave some love with genuine, heartfelt comments!

Also, make sure your comments are specific. Rather than just saying, “love the pic!” complement the photography or comment on the caption. If you want to make the comment even better, tag the user who posted the photo within your comment.

The Key to a Successful Instagram Pod

In the end, to have a truly successful Instagram pod, it’s important to make sure everyone in the group is in it for the right reasons. Instagram pods are a two-way street, meaning you have to give the love to also receive it! Don’t just join the pod to increase your number of likes and comments, but rather, join to build community with others in your niche. After all, Instagram is all about community and connecting users through photography!

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