Instagram Got A New Facelift

Instagram Got A New Facelift - Bloguettes


It’s no secret that some girls have a tendency to change their hair during summer. Well, two days ago Instagram took cue from the Summer Hair Anthem and got a complete head to toe makeover—only it’s here to stay for good.

After its most recent update, Instagram changed everything from its icon to the entire look and feel of the smaller navigation icons. The oh-so identifiable orange bubbles that pop up when you received a notification has now been replaced with a raspberry red colored bubble instead. The adjoined apps like Boomerang, Hyperlapse, and Layout have also gotten a new look.

Instagram Got A Facelift - Bloguettes
Instagram evolution of icons (img from Mashable)

According to Instagram’s blog, the facelift was to match the evolution of Instagram as a whole. The new minimalistic design was created in order to put more emphasis on the users’ photos rather than the app itself. Although the classic rainbow stripe on the old camera icon has disappeared, the swirl of purple, pink, orange, and yellow in the app icon is supposed to represent the colorful, rainbow of stories told each day by its devoted followers.

As with any change, the Internet has a lot to say. Some anti-Insta-changers have even gone as far to find a way to bring the old design back onto your phone (side note: we haven’t tested this, so we can’t guarantee that this will work or not).

We’re not sure how to feel as of yet, but tell us what you think and be sure to give us a follow on Stumble Upon! Do you like the brand new Insta or do you want the old look back?!

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