Instagram Makes It Easier To Contact Businesses

Instagram Offers New Tools for Businesses - Bloguettes


Instagram Makes It Easier To Contact Businesses - Bloguettes:

Business owners, rejoice! Instagram’s latest update just made it a lot easier to establish your presence on its platform. On the famous photo sharing app, you now have the ability to add a contact button to your profile, measure your analytics and access other various promotion tools. If you’re curious about how these new features can benefit your business, keep reading!

The “Contact” Button

If you have an Instagram profile for your business, you know that sorting through private messages and comments when interacting with customers can be difficult. For this reason, Instagram now gives businesses the ability to add a “contact” button to their profile, making it easier to interact with customers and other brands outside of the app itself. So, you can now add your email address, phone number, directions to the location of your business and even provide a text messaging option. When users click on your contact button, they have instant access to all of your info!

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Analytics Features

For the first time, Instagram users with business profiles can measure their performance by viewing their analytics. This means you can now get an inside look at the demographics of your followers and who is engaging with your posts. Your followers will now be categorized by age, location and even the number of times they check their Instagram account each day. This way, you can strategically plan your posts.

Additionally, you will be able to evaluate the performance of each of your posts by seeing how many times each post is viewed. This is measured by the number of “impressions” each post makes, rather than the amount of likes and comments. These new analytics features will be especially beneficial for Instagram users with small businesses who rely on the app to gain customers.

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Promotion Tools

With Instagram’s new promotion tools, you can now reach a larger audience through sponsored posts. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a marketer, this feature makes it easy to target a specific audience with your ads. By advertising to other users in addition to your followers, you can promote your business in an effective way and grow your following!

Overall, these updates show that Instagram is stepping up its game when it comes to advertising. Unlike Facebook, Instagram previously was not known for its advertising features. However, with these new improvements, the app is proving to be an effective platform for business owners of all kinds!

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