Instagram Stories Step Up Their Game with Video Ads

Instagram Stories Step Up Their Game with Video Ads


Instagram Stories Step Up Their Game With Video Ads - Bloguettes

As soon as Instagram stories entered the scene in August, they’ve been giving Snapchat stories a run for their money! With over 150 million people using Instagram stories every day, Instagram has decided it’s time to introduce video ads to the story experience! Instagram will begin inserting video ads into stories and will be adding more analytics features, which will benefit businesses of all kinds.

While some of us may have been skeptical about Instagram stories in the beginning because of their similarity to Snapchat stories, their growing popularity is proving they’re here to stay! The daily user number for Instagram stories now matches Snapchat’s, and Instagram announced that within the first two months of its launch, stories hit 100 million daily active users.

For now, Instagram stories and ads are limited to 15 seconds, while Snapchat offers a larger variety of different types of ads. However, more and more advertisers are moving toward Instagram because of their familiarity with the app and it’s ease of use.

So what’s this new change going to look like? Ads won’t appear within a user’s story content just yet, but businesses will be able to create videos or slideshows of photos that last up to 15 seconds. Ads will also include sound! Right now, Instagram is in the process of testing ads with 30 clients, including Netflix, Airbnb, and Capital One, just to name a few.

Business owners will be happy to know that about 70 percent of Instagram users follow a business, and one-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses! Also, ads within Instagram stories can use Facebook’s targeting features, so you’ll be able to ensure your ads are seen by the right audience.

About 70 percent of Instagram users follow a business, and one-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses!

When it comes to pricing, Instagram story ads will be sold at auction. So, pricing will be based on demand.

In addition to the launch of Instagram story ads, Instagram will soon be rolling out a variety of new features for businesses! Business owners will be able to measure their reach, impressions, replies, and exits for each story.

While Instagram stories continue to make new strides, this doesn’t mean Snapchat stories aren’t a strong competitor! Snapchat has been continuing to work on new features, which are yet to be seen in 2017! With that being said, the Instagram story vs. Snapchat story battle continues!

Are you loyal to Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, or are you a fan both? Let us know in the comments below!

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