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Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat - Bloguettes


Instagram Stories VS. Snapchat - Bloguettes: The new debate? Instagram Stories or Snapchat? We're giving you the pros & cons of each platform and how to use it!

Just when we thought we had everything figured out, Instagram surprises us with their version of a Snapchat story! Instagram Stories is so shiny and new and easy to use that now, we’re torn. It has many of us questioning our social strategies and the loyalty we’ve had towards Snapchat. Others of us were just getting ready to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon but now we’re rethinking where to even start!

We know…it’s such a confusing time, and you’ve probably been asking yourself:

  • “Now what? Do I start posting twice?”
  • “Should I just jump ship and try the other?”
  • “Maybe I’ll share some stuff here and other stuff there?”
  • “But what if I like both of them?!”

Well have no fear, we’ll help you figure this out. Although Instagram stories and Snapchat are super similar, each one has its own unique features. Let’s walk through a few things you should consider when choosing between the two!

Assess Your Current Audience

Think about your current followers; where are they? Are you getting plenty of views on your Snapchat stories or is your following on Instagram larger? The great part about Instagram stories is now you can reach all your followers, plus anyone else who comes across your profile. This means more views, which equals more chances to share your content and show off your personality! Plus, it’s all in one place so if you’ve asked your followers to add you on Snapchat, but they haven’t, then maybe sticking to Instagram is your best bet!

On the other hand, if something is working, there’s no need to fix it! If you are gaining followers on Snapchat and getting plenty of views then it’s totally fine to stick with Snapchat. You can even ask your followers where they want to see your story. But consider this, when you gain a follower on Snapchat, you know they’re already interested in you. They saw you somewhere else, made the conscious decision to enter your username, and then added you as a friend. That’s a level of investment right there! After all, engaged followers are what we want. Quality over quantity!


Now this is something us ladies should always be thinking about! With social media, it is wise to be careful about how much information you are sharing. You don’t want to subconsciously share something that could potentially put you in danger, things like what your apartment complex looks like or accidentally snapping your car license plate. Be mindful of the story you are sharing on either platform.

Luckily, Snapchat has a higher level of privacy level compared to a public Instagram profile. You can see who adds you and have the ability to block any random followers on Snapchat. You can also control which images/videos are seen by which followers. With Instagram, anything you share can be seen by everyone and you only have the ability to hide your story from specific people. Consider how much of yourself you are willing to put out there and where you need to draw the line.


Since Snapchat was the first to create a “story,” they set the tone for how things are being shared. You can either send something to certain friends or choose to let all your followers see it. Meaning you can send that sweaty selfie to your bestie but then throw on a filter to say hey to all your followers via your story. Now with Instagram stories, everything you share will be seen by everyone. How do you feel about that?

Instagram is known for its aesthetically pleasing photos and some bloggers are feeling like they have to be done up because they can’t hide behind a filter. But that’s no way to live! You should feel comfortable being yourself in front of anyone, filter or not! Fortunately, many people are using Instagram stories the way they used Snapchat so the level of authenticity is still there. So just think about what you want to share and whether or not you are going to hinder showcasing your true self based on how many people can see it.


If you can’t even fathom the thought of living without the dog filter, then Instagram stories may not be your jam. The best part about Snapchat stories is adding a filter, the temperature, a geotag, the time or your MPH (not while driving, of course). BUT, so many people are already on Instagram and you have the opportunity to grab the attention of those potential followers who come across your feed. An Instagram photo is telling one story, but Instagram stories can help you fill in the blanks around that one photo.

Plus, think about where you want to take your followers. If you’re trying to get them to go check out your latest blog post, the option for users to go to your profile and click on the “link in bio” is much more user-friendly than leaving Snapchat, opening up a browser and entering your website URL. But if you’re looking for audience engagement, asking your followers to screenshot which dress they like on Snapchat is slightly easier than having them message you on your Instagram story.

Best of Both Worlds

So if you’re reading this thinking, “I still can’t pick one,” then you’re in luck. There is a way to post to both stories without having to reshoot every video! Here’s how:

Use Snapchat as your main platform for taking pics and shooting videos then when you go to add it to your story, save it as a memory. This way you can go back to your memories, save them to your camera roll and then upload them to your Instagram story.

So there you have it! Lots of things to consider, but remember. There is no right way to “do” social media so don’t be afraid to just get out there and test things. You won’t know until you try! Happy storytelling!

Need a few ideas for your stories?

  • Share your outfit of the day or how you piece together an outfit
  • Take your followers shopping with you. Share what you find and ask them to vote on things you try on!
  • Showcase the latest project you’re working on with a behind-the-scenes tour
  • Talk about something funny that just happened
  • Ask your audience a question or have them ask you questions
  • Take them on a tour of your house, vacation spot, or favorite bar/restaurant
  • Show off your favorite lip syncing skills
  • Do a live tutorial or how-to video (think DIY, makeup, hair, food, decorating, etc)

What are your thoughts on Instagram Stories? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to give us a follow on Stumble Upon to keep up with similar posts!

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