Top 5 Instagram Accounts: May 2016

Top 5 Instagram May 2016 - Melissa Jill Photography


With the afterglow of Mother’s Day festivities still lingering in the air, it’s fair to say we’re in a pretty good mood and just want to emphasize everyone for what they’re worth. Which makes this the perfect time to announce our top 5 Instagram accounts for the month of May! This month we’re featuring a guy with a keen sense for photography and adventure, a local wedding photographer, a moody Chicagoan, a creative director & stylist, & a master chef momma!

@melissajill: As the majority of our office is comprised of 20-something girls, it seems like every week, there’s a new engagement or a copious amount of wedding photos flooding our feeds on social media. With so much wedding buzz, we’d be lying if we said we haven’t imagined what our ideal weddings would look like–which brings us to Melissa Jill. This AZ based wedding photographer knows exactly what to do when it comes to capturing the glint of a wedding band or the connection between soon-to-be husbands and wives. Take a scroll through her account to see everything from desert weddings, vintage details, and bouquets fit for a queen.

@explorewithmax: Okay, stop. We have a GUY and his feed is AWESOME. We were so excited to see the name “Max” and were even more excited to see all of the breathtaking photos on his account. This photographer and YouTuber based in Seattle has managed to impeccably capture and tell stories through his portrait and landscape photos. A quick flick through his feed will show off rainbow-stained roads, glacier lagoons, and dewey, sheep-filled meadows (just to name a few).

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@neutralsforbreakfast: Meet cool kid, Tess Theisen, a blogger in Chicago. If we had to compare her account to a fashion #ootd, we’d say that this feed is for those days when you rock dark lipstick, a baseball cap, and midnight-hued sunglasses. Her attention to detail and overall moody aesthetic is perfectly showcased through the swirl of milk in a cup of iced coffee to the moonlight glitter on a black river.

@makingitwithmeleyna: If we could click on an image and instantly have the food in the picture become real life, we’d head to this account ASAP. As a science-based nutrition and food professional, Meleyna’s feed is filled with tantalizing photos of egg-topped tamales, waffles the size of your face, homemade chicken tortilla soup, along with occasional photos of her kids enjoying all these fab dishes. We also have to mention that this talented mama of two is also a freelance writer and contributor to the Bloguettes blog!

@designdeamore: If we’ve ever met somebody who can do everything, it’s creative director and stylist, Melody. With emphasis in design, styling, and creative direction for fashion, interior, and lifestyle, this account features every single one of her interests and more. Head to Melody’s account to see how she works her magic for every type of situation!