The Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Phoenix



The Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Phoenix - Bloguettes

Photo by @gypsy_cup

Phoenix is truly a photographer’s dream. When you step outside to explore, you’ll find plenty of murals, cityscape views, and adorable coffee shops!

Here at Bloguettes, we’re always on the hunt for great coffee spots (you can find us at The Henry every Tuesday for our Director’s meeting). As Phoenix natives, we decided it was time to show some love to some of the most ‘grammable coffee shops in the city! Whether you live here or will be visiting soon, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a caffeine fix (and a cute pic for the ‘gram!). Read on as we share the most Insta-worthy coffee shops in AZ: 

The Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Phoenix

Gypsy Cup

@gypsy_cup: This cute little cafe on wheels travels the city, making coffee and creating community all around! Gypsy Cup travel to local events, festivals, markets, and is even coming to the Bloguettes 2018 Workshop! We can’t wait for you all to see their adorable trailer and taste their amazing coffee.

Giant Coffee

@giantcoffeeaz: Giant Coffee is known for its vases with flowers, little stump tables, and great atmosphere. They have cool glass doors that double as windows and are usually left open to let in the authentic sounds of the city outside. You can check out the cute boutique next door while you’re waiting for your coffee as well!

The Henry

@thehenryrestaurant: Like we mentioned, The Henry has a special place in our hearts here at Bloguettes. With a restaurant on one side and an elegant and sophisticated coffee shop on the other, this is a must-see spot in AZ. Be sure to snap a pic with the cute light-up arrow outside before you leave!

Union Coffee

@unioncoffeecompany: This new coffee shop just opened its doors and has already become a fan favorite. With little succulents on each table and a friendly staff, you won’t want to leave! You have to try their delicious chai and grab a fun treat while you’re there!

Luci’s at the Orchard

@lucisattheorchard: This place is undeniably cute. Filled with fun trinkets and Arizona-based gifts, you’ll fall in love with this coffee shop. They also serve meals and tons of amazing pastries!


@luxcentral: This place is famous for its unique atmosphere, great coffee, and fun food. Lux even has a bar at night! This quirky place is a hidden gem in Phoenix and strives to maintain on top. When you go there next, be sure order the Mac and Cheese. It’s literally the best.

Be Coffee Food + Stuff

@be_coffeephx: This place is right in the center of everything in Phoenix. Go grab your favorite coffee drink and pastry and find a cute mural to take your picture at! There are plenty around the area. Also be sure to check out The Bosque which is next door to the shop–it has beautiful succulents and cacti!

Lola Coffee

@lolacoffeebar: Turn onto Roosevelt Row and within all the beautiful red brick and old buildings, you’ll find Lola Coffee. This little place holds homemade pastries, warm coffee for those chilly Phoenix days, and a kind staff with hundreds of suggestions.


@berdenas: This place is home to the best almond milk in the state of Arizona, mouth-watering avocado toast, and photo-worthy lighting. You won’t want to leave once you arrive!  

Royal Coffee Bar

@royalcoffeebar: With several locations in AZ, this coffee shop lives up to its name. The brick walls and coffee art make it perfect for an Instagram post! The lighting and large windows also make it easy to find that prime lighting.

Sip Coffee

@sipcoffeeandbeerhouse: Head down to Old Town Scottsdale and check out Sip Coffee! You can drink coffee, study, take cute photos, and listen to live music! The atmosphere is lively here and anyone can fit in.

Copper Star

@copperstarcoffee: This coffee shop is an old gas station remodeled to host all coffee lovers. The surrounding area is filled with great places just waiting to be discovered. Copper Star also has some great sandwiches that you’ll want to check out for lunch.


@jobotcoffee: This coffee shop is unique and has the heart of Phoenix inside it’s walls. It’s a great place to meet up with friends, have some late-night caffeine, and to eat some great food!


@presscoffee: Press Coffee is famous among locals for their five star coffee. Even a simple latte is a blessing for your tastebuds. Their aesthetic is beautiful, too!

Songbird Coffee House

@songbirdcoffeehouse: This cute place makes you feel right at home with the front porch swing setting and comfy sitting areas. With the adorable plates and bright colors, you’ll fall in love with this coffee house as much as the rest of Phoenix.

Cartel Coffee Lab

@cartel: Judging by Cartel’s aesthetically pleasing Instagram, you know they are all about the photos. Here, you can find good coffee and even better places to have a photoshoot.


@futurocoffee: White, white, and everything nice. Futuro is an Instagrammer’s dream. Their white aesthetic comes out on top and provides a great place for photos to be taken and coffee to be sipped!

What are some of your favorite ‘grammable locations in Phoenix? Let us know in the comments below!