iPhone Feature That Tracks Your Every Move




It seems we all have a stalker–and we’ve been carrying it around in our pockets!

Did you know your iPhone has been tracking exactly where you go and how often?

We have finally discovered this secret feature and are now sharing it with you! Not sure if we should be creeped out or embrace it– but we’ll let you decide.  The frequent locations feature was added in the iOS 7 update. Frequent locations is located under the location services settings. The location services function allows location-based apps (like Maps, Weather, etc.) to pin point your location based on information from your GPS or WiFi. When turned on, it tracks your GPS location, when, and how often you’ve visited a specific place.

Want to know how to see all this information? Follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
2. Scroll down to “System Services.”
3. Click on “Frequent Locations” at the bottom.
4. Tap a location for more information.

Hopefully your records weren’t too shocking! We took a toll in the office and we it looks like we frequent AJ’s & Starbucks for that afternoon pick-me-up, the gym (some of us a lot, some of us…not so much), and of course, our humble abode, the most. Our prediction is this feature could potentially cause some drama here & there, but we want to know what you think!

Are you turning your location services off as we speak or do you think its fun to see where you’ve been?