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The Bloguettes internship program is open exclusively to current college students and is eligible for college credit ONLY. (Sorry babes, if you can’t get college credit approved by your university, we can’t take you under our wing *crying emoji*). Perks include tons of learning, a relaxed dress code, complimentary branding/blogging courses, company outings, and a seriously fun work environment!

Internship Length:

January 10th-April 25th

Next Steps:

Be sure to read ALL the submission directions as each position for the Bloguettes internship has different guidelines!

Please apply with your resume and cover letter using the form below by November 24th, and we’ll review applications and reach out via email to those who catch our eye.  If you do not hear from us, don’t be discouraged! We’re always looking for interns, so keep an eye out for the next semester’s application. Hope to hear from you!

Job Description

Public Relations Intern

As a PR intern, you’ll be working directly with our PR and Brand Outreach girl Reagan, but also with our Marketing team. A normal day for our PR interns often includes assisting with scheduling and coordinating speaking engagements, collaborations, and other special events. We’re looking for someone who has strong communication skills, demonstrates creativity and has a solid understanding of social media. You'll also scour the Internet and social feeds to find new brands the company can collaborate with and assist in the creation and distribution of marketing materials.

If you think you’d be a great addition to our PR team, make sure to add “PR Intern” into your message when applying and don’t forget to attach your resumé & cover letter!

Editorial Intern

Key responsibilities in this position include crafting blog posts, reaching out to other bloggers and brands for interviews/features, and being in the know of all things related to blogging. We like our editorial chickadees to always have their noses in the tech & social world so they can draft cutting-edge This Just In posts! Your day-to-day will look a little like this: cultivating story ideas, meeting with your editor to pitch said ideas, writing, meeting with the Creative team to dream up pictures and images, working with bloggers and brands to make big things happen, and taking the Bloguettes blog to the next level!

PHEW! That was a mouthful. If you’re an avid blog reader, love to write and are constantly one step ahead of the current blogging/tech trends, please send your cover letter, resume, & any writing samples/links with the words "Editorial Intern" in your message!

Events Intern

Our event planning girls are the ones who bring our workshops to life! Responsibilities in this department include researching potential workshop sponsors, cultivating a relationship and securing sponsors, helping plan workshops (everything from flowers, to decor, to the flow of the class!), working with the Social Media and Creative teams to promote our awesome sponsors, and overseeing all Bloguettes outings, workshops, and events to ensure they run as smoothly as possible! One more thing, event interns are required to attend most of the events they helped put into action!

If you’re interested in gaining exposure to the event planning sides of Bloguettes, our events team is where you belong! Please apply by sending your cover letter and resume with the words "Events Intern" in your message.

Graphic Design Intern

As a Graphic Design intern, you'll be working with the Design and Marketing teams to create a wide variety of graphics and images such as Pinterest graphics, social media ads, sponsor proposals, event promotion materials, webinar presentations, branding materials, and blog post graphics. Our ideal Graphic Design intern will be able to understand the Bloguettes brand and create graphics that accurately fit the color, look, and overall feel of the company. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator is a must.

If you think you fit the bill, email us your resume, cover letter, and links to any portfolios you may have. Make sure to include the title "Graphic Design Intern" in your message!

Photography Intern

Under our Creative team, the Photography intern will be able to quickly adapt to the Bloguettes visual aesthetic. Day-to-day responsibilities include taking photos for the Bloguettes website/blog/social media channels, editing photos in Photoshop and Lightroom, styling shoots, and brainstorming ideas for our Stock That Rocks photos. Our Photography intern must have experience shooting with DSLRs and know Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom like the back of their hand.

If you're interested in photography, apply with your resume, cover letter, and any photo portfolios in your email. Make sure to include the words "Photography Intern" in your message.

Social Media/Marketing Intern

If you can’t live without checking your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest at least 10 times a day, this internship has your name all over it! A day in the life of a social media/marketing intern would include writing captions, scheduling out content, and engaging with our audience on different social platforms. Our social media/marketing babes will help track weekly and monthly analytics and adjust strategies as necessary. Interns will also get exposure to CRM systems and what goes into an ad while also brainstorming new marketing methods and pitching them to the marketing director.

If you’re interested in seeing the nitty-gritty details of marketing and social media, apply by sending your cover letter and resume with "Social Media/Marketing Intern" in your message.

Digital Project Manager Intern

Are you a self-starter and self-motivator? Is making goals, timelines and budgets a breeze for you? If you have a passion for all things interactive and digital, including websites, wireframes, sitemaps, eblasts, and digital campaigns—this is the internship for you!

As a Digital Project Manager Intern at Bloguettes you’ll get to help oversee a wide range of digital projects with the help of our Senior Web Developer. This means that motivating team members, interacting with clients and guiding every phase of project development will be key aspects of what you’ll learn. This internship will prepare you to be a major asset to any company in your future career. You’ll become well-versed in the many areas of digital, learn to talk tech with devs and user flow with the creative team.

Ideally you have a deep understanding of — or desire to learn — modern web conventions and practices. If you’ve been described as “type A” or consider yourself to be highly organized, apply by sending your cover letter and resume with "Digital Project Manager Intern" in your message!

Web Development Intern

As a Web Development Intern at Bloguettes you’ll get to help bring the company’s creative vision to life through code! You’ll get to work closely with our Senior Web Developer in developing new website features, troubleshooting website issues, and improving website performance. During your internship you will also get to work alongside the creative and marketing teams to execute their various initiatives, digitally!

Some knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript is required, and preferably you’ve put them to use. It would be super awesome if you’re familiar with PHP and/or Wordpress, even better if you’ve developed a Wordpress theme from scratch on your own. The strongest candidates will also be big-picture, strategic thinkers and very detail oriented.

If you have an interest in web development, beyond just making things look pretty, this internship is great for you! Apply by sending your cover letter and resume with "Web Development Intern" in your message. We’d love to see what you’ve built too, link us to your portfolio if you have one!

Business Administration Intern

Calling all business majors! Do you like schedules, spreadsheets, and to-do lists? Are you interested in learning the ins and outs of a small business? If so, then the Business Admin internship might be the perfect fit for you!

You will work directly with the executive team and help with all things (big and small) that make the Bloguettes office successful. In this internship you'll see the practical side of running a business. This includes helping with errands, purchasing office supplies, running monthly reports, and managing receipts.

The perfect Business Administration intern would be a problem solver and someone who is not afraid to tackle new assignments. Apply by sending in your cover letter and resume with "Business Administration Intern" in the subject line!

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