This Just In! Instagram Ad Campaigns in MailChimp

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MailChimp, a platform once dedicated to just emails, has slowly been transforming into a multi-channel network. They already offer Facebook Ads, which helps many companies utilize and grow their following. The company reports that the users who used their Facebook Ads saw a 51% increase on their average return on investment!

So, it only makes sense for MailChimp to add Instagram to their list with Instagram Ad Campaigns to help businesses increase their sales and showcase their product through beautiful pictures!


One thing that sets MailChimp apart from competing companies is that you can target your advertisements toward your email list or lookalike audiences to recruit new customers. On top of that, you will be able to view your engagement, the amount of clicks on the ad, items sold due to that campaign, revenue details, subscribers added, and customers acquired from said ad.

It certainly allows you to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, all the while gaining traffic and sales in an easy and low-cost way. Easy right?

How It Works

The steps prove to be fairly simple when making an Instagram ad through MailChimp. With only a few clicks on your computer, you can create a beautiful and engaging ad! Here’s how it works step-by-step:

1. Click ‘Create Campaign’ in the upper right-hand corner


2. Press ‘Create Ad’


3. Create a name


4.  Select your target audience

MailChimp allows you to refine by location, gender, age, and interests!


5. Set your budget


Overall, MailChimp’s goal is to give their users easier access to a much simpler version of Buisiness Manager, and have everything in one place rather than scattered across different sites. This is the update every blogger, entrepreneur, and Instagrammer has been waiting for, and will no doubt be using to their advantage!

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