This Just In! Monetize Your Instagram Stories with ShopStyle



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If you’re a ShopStyle user, you know how exciting it is to share affiliate links on your blog. Now with the platform’s latest update, it’s easier than ever to share them on Instagram Stories!

For many bloggers, Instagram serves as a great way to engage with their audience. While they might only post on their blog a few times a week, many bloggers post on Instagram and Instagram Stories daily. So, it only makes sense to be able to share your affiliate links here!

When the release of swipe-up links for Stories launched, many bloggers took advantage and started promoting their affiliate links. So what changes with this new feature? Keep reading to find out!

How The New Feature Works

While swipe-up links have given bloggers new opportunities to share their links, ShopStyle wanted to improve the use experience. With this new update, your followers will now see a more detailed look at the product with two options:

Save For Later: If your followers opt to ‘save for later,’ they’ll be prompted to enter their email address. Then, they’ll receive an email with the product info so they can purchase later if they wish. It also reminds them about products they were interested in when they open their inbox, which can lead to more sales. Sales driven through this method will be applied to your account like normal, and the emails are powered by ShopStyle at no additional cost to you.

Monetize Your Instagram Stories

Shop Now: If your followers opt to ‘shop now,’ they’ll be directed to the retailer’s site (ex: to make their purchase. They’re much more likely to be interested in making a purchase when they can see the full-size photo of the product with more details.

Not sure how to add an affiliate link to your Story? Here’s a quick look:

Monetize Your Instagram Stories

Overall, this new feature is designed to give you an additional revenue funnel and help you drive traffic to retailers and, well, monetize! We can’t wait to see how bloggers and businesses start using this feature. Happy shopping!

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