See Less of Your Ex on Facebook



There is nothing quite like that blissfully sweet summer romance. Unfortunately, sometimes as the weather cools off so does that connection. Thankfully Facebook has recently launched a new tool that is here to help you “consciously uncouple” as seamlessly as Gwyneth Paltrow herself.  As we all know, nothing is official until it’s on Facebook. To help ease you through that transitional period Facebook has created a new tool that pops up once you change your relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single/it’s complicated/divorced/etc.” The new tool provides you with a few new options to help you get through even the hardest of breakups (Taylor Swift and Ben & Jerry’s will help you through the rest).

Once it’s official and you’re ready to change your Facebook status to single (and ready to mingle), you’ll be prompted to a new menu with a few options that will change how you interact with your ex on Facebook.

See Less of (insert ex’s name here)

Nothing is worse than going a full day without even thinking of him and then BAM your newsfeed is plastered with his face and name. The first thing you can edit is how much you see your ex. Either you can leave it as is and see his posts in your newsfeed or you can eliminate having to see him altogether (meaning he will never pop up in your newsfeed, you won’t be prompted to message him, or tag him in any photos). Talk about wiping the slate clean.

Limit What (insert ex’s name here) Will See

There are also those times when you’ve moved on but don’t want to rub all your new happiness in your ex’s face. This Facebook tool will also allow you to edit how visible you are to your ex, post break up. On the “Limit What _____ Will See” page, you can choose to hide your posts from your ex, allowing him to only see posts you have tagged him in, shared publicly or shared on a mutual friend’s page.

Edit Who Can See Past Posts

Let’s face it, posting endless kissy pictures of your old flame sounded like a good idea at the time, but now they’re just 300 pictures to metaphorically burn. This new tool will work as your match! Allowing you to either look at all your posts one by one or you can edit all your posts and photos in which you are tagged in in one fell swoop deciding which you would like to make more private or untag.

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