This Just In! How To Use Snapchat’s Ad Manager



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Calling all Snapchatters! The latest update in the Snapchat universe is their release of Ad Manager, which competes with other top leading social media ad tools such offered by Instagram and Facebook. The ad manager allows for small businesses to buy and manage campaigns directly. So, for all of those businesses out there who are on a budget and ones that need to spread the word about their brand, this is the ultimate update to help them target audiences.

With Instagram bringing it’s A-game with new updates, it’s about time that Snapchat released a feature that will not only help build and keep their user growth, but that gives an opportunities for the little guys to make their mark.

Essentially, Snapchat advertisers will have to create a sweet and eye catching video that’s under two minutes, and running an ad through the manager is fairly easy. Here’s a little guide to make your life navigating the new Snapchat update easier!

1. Sign up on the website.


2. Navigate to your dashboard.

The main dashboard will show you the campaign performance and results of advertisements. You are able to view how many impressions your ads made made, the amount of people who clicked on the ad, how much you spent, and the price per click (based on how many clicks you get).


3. Set your objectives.

You can choose from a list of objectives that you want your ad to achieve, such as grow awareness, drive traffic to your website, or drive installs of your app.


4. Select your target audience.

You can select your target audience based on factors like age, gender, or country. This can be really helpful if you have a specific audience in mind that you want your brand to reach!


5. Create goals.

You can create budget goals (Swipe Ups, App Installs, Impressions, etc.) and customize them for different actions within the app!


6. Upload your advertisement.

Now, it’s time to upload your advertisement! Be sure to double check that it’s within the right dimensions (vertical) for Snapchat, and that it’s eye-catching for your audience!


7. Send it out!

Now, you’re ready to launch and send your campaign all over the world! To check on its progress, simply navigate to your dashboard.


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