Keeping It Real Online, ft. Audrey Leighton Rogers

Keeping it Real Online, ft. Audrey Leighton Rogers


The internet is full of content, and it’s competitive too! As content creators, online brands and bloggers, it’s our job to stand out in that absurd ocean of content.

So, whats the best way to do this? To us, it’s conveying the fact that you are in fact a human on the internet. Being personable is the key to success in our field, even when you have to do it from behind a screen.

In seek of the secrets to having ‘real’ and personable content, we found Audrey Leighton Rogers! Established influencer, blogger, and the queen of online transparency–this woman is a pro. So, we did a Q&A with Audrey and got some amazing tips on keeping it real online! Check it out!

Tell us a little bit of background about you and your blog, Frassy!

I started Frassy almost a decade ago while I was studying at University, my degree felt too rigid and so it became my more creative escape. After graduating, I had planned on an MA in fashion journalism but spontaneously opted out of it to pursue blogging full time in Paris, France. It has been my profession ever since!

As a content creator, what are you most passionate about producing and why?

I am very passionate about both photography and writing, so merging those two passions into everything I share is probably the most enjoyable component of my job. I defined an aesthetic and I always feel very accomplished when the content I produce keeps in line with the image I hope to project. I am very much a believer in quality and avoid iphone photography, which isn’t really a smart choice in terms of engagement but I’d rather stay true to my creativity than jeopardize it for the sake of likes.

When hearing the word “influencer”… what does it mean to you, and what do you hope to influence in your readers?

I hope I influence my readers in many ways, but ultimately, I hope to inspire them to strive for sophistication, not simply in the way I might dress but to the books I read to the words to my discipline with exercise and health, to I way I write . I hope I influence them to cherish and celebrate the story that comes with living a life, and to embrace all the mishaps and mistakes too along the way.

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How do you incorporate your influence into both the American and European cultures?

That’s an interesting question and one I have never considered. I suppose I embrace the American-wannabe-European expat, which is mostly a messy chaos of influences from my country of birth and all the places in between.

You have a reputation for keeping it real online. How do you avoid falling into the more commercial side of the blogging industry?

I really honour honesty and it’s a trait I see fading in the blogging industry. I never really wanted Frassy to simply be about personal style, but more of a narrative embracing all sides of my life. I can happily write about my failed relationships with the same zealous I might showcase a pair of shoes. I guess I avoid the commercial side by forging a friendship with my readers, giving them continual peeks into my very messy, mistake-ridden life. I like to say that Frassy begins with the clothes but it goes way my wardrobe and right down into my heart.

What are some tips you have for bloggers when it comes to staying authentic online?

  •  Connect with your followers as if they were friends. Invite them into your life not just your wardrobe.
  • Feature both affordable and more high-end brands, most women of this world aren’t gifted clothes like influencers are. You want to remain approachable and relatable.
  • Spend as much time on your written content as your visual content, this is where the real connection is made between you and anyone following you.
  • Regularly feature snippets of your real life on instagram stories or snapchat. This gives you a depth and a genuine quality that photos can often hinder.

How do you stay genuine on social media while remaining aesthetically pleasing?

I suppose I stay genuine mostly via my instagram stories, where I will film just about anything from spilling makeup everywhere to ranting about a bad day. But also I aim to make my captions heart-felt and real.

What is your go-to platform to interact and be personable with your subscribers on?

Instagram, always. It is by far where I am most active.

Anything else you would like to add when it comes to keeping it real online?

Avoid boasting and showing off. I’ve seen social media following bloat so many egos. It is important to remember that without a following, there is no influence and so the people that do take the time to follow are actually more valuable than you as an individual are. Respect them, be kind.  I actually dislike the word ‘followers’, it hideously conveys a beautiful community as  sheep. Most of the women that ‘follow’ me are incredibly accomplished, I am inspired by them as much as they are inspired by me. For me it works both ways, I refuse to see them as followers, but friends.

We couldn’t have said it any better! Let us know in the comments below what you thought of Audrey‘s advice, and be sure to follow us on Bloglovin‘ for more features like this!