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It’s no secret that Facebook is a powerful tool for business. With over 2 billion monthly active users, it’s an amazing platform to get your brand’s name out there!

However, Facebook is a crowded market, so it can be hard to find your place. For this reason, it’s so important to know exactly how to advertise to meet your business goals. Rather than running ads aimlessly, success comes with having a well thought-out strategy.

Here at Bloguettes, we’ve seen the benefits of advertising on Facebook. So, we knew we had to bring in an expert to talk about it at our 2018 Workshop!

Our Facebook Advertising Workshop will be lead by Anthony Sarandrea–founder of successful digital advertising agency SiteFlood! Anthony is a Facebook guru, and we can’t wait to have him speak at our even. Read along to get to know Anthony and get a sneak peek at what he’ll be teaching at The Workshop!

Tell us about yourself. How did you get to where you are today?

I am an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and philanthropist, passionate about helping small businesses succeed as they grow. I now run a profitable portfolio of websites ranging from eCommerce to content blogs, without ever raising outside funds. I bootstrapped my way into building a large digital advertising agency, SiteFlood LLC. I started the agency from my dorm room at ASU and poured everything I had into building it into the company it is today.

At the start I ran off of referrals, which has given me the mindset to treat every client dollar as my own, a notion that we continue to stand by. We focus on understanding what businesses actually need to grow their brand using our knowledge of the entire sales process instead of one small sector. Getting the right people in front of the right message at the right time online is the key to cultivating success for our clients. SiteFlood currently manages $10 million+ per year in ad spend and I spend $1 million +/year on Facebook ads alone out of pocket to our own internal brands.

As a company advisor and consultant for several Fortune 500 & Fortune 1000 companies on branding, sales, and direct marketing techniques, I love giving others the strategies that have proven effective for me and my business. I also mentor and teach in the entrepreneurship department at Arizona State University and have really enjoyed my time working with the amazing individuals who have the same drive and dedication for what they do.

What are the top 3 benefits of using Facebook for your brand?

One of the biggest benefits to using Facebook for your brand is the cost of using Facebook compared to other marketing channels. Marketing through Facebook  is relatively inexpensive, although costs continue rise every month as more and more people adopt the same principle. We often pay $0.0001 for a video view and it’s likely that these discounted costs won’t last through the end of 2018. The value that you get for the amount that you pay still cannot be matched.

Secondly, Facebook has a tremendous amount of data on all of their users. Any interaction that you make while signed into Facebook, whether it be pages you like, posts you make, or conversations you chat about in messenger, advertisers are able to leverage and target these interests specifically. For most of us, Facebook knows more about us than our moms do or even than we know about ourselves for that matter. Once your brand defines your ideal customer, you’re able to get drilled down to ex. a single parent who is a real estate agent that lives in a quarter mile radius and likes to watch Gossip Girl. You are able to get in front of the exact audience you’re looking for instantly.

A third benefit of using Facebook for your brand is scalability. The size of Facebook alone is a major plus. On Google, for example, you’re limited to searches and there are only so many people who search for ex. “personal injury attorney” or who are looking for a real estate agent in their area.  On Facebook, you’re able to get in front of them before they even start their search online.

Is Facebook for everyone? What type of brands benefit most?

I can’t say that Facebook is for every single business, but I’d be shocked if every business couldn’t find a way to find a value out of this platform. I think most businesses are using Facebook incorrectly. Most businesses have trouble understanding where a customer is in the sales journey when they are getting in front of them.

For example, businesses shove their billboards in front of people saying “Buy me, buy me!” when they’ve just met you. It’d be like asking someone to marry you on a first date, where Facebook really is just a first date on most interactions. Businesses can get to know their customers through blog posts or value ads or by helping someone through a webinar. Over time you can re-engage and ask to move forward, but most brands skip over this concept.

I’d say all brands can benefit from Facebook, but specifically b to c, business to consumers, are huge. We do have dozens of b to b, business to business, brands who never thought that their customers were on Facebook or that Facebook would be a consistently be a good source for them and they’ve closed million dollar deals through the platform.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you see brands make on Facebook?

Companies not tracking ROI is a huge mistake that we see businesses making all the time. Businesses hear that they should be on Facebook, go spend a few hundred dollars and get no trackable return and quit. Being ROI conscious by understanding and tracking ROI is the biggest thing that businesses can do to avoid this mistake.

Like I said before, understanding where a potential customer is in the sales journey is also crucial. A lot of businesses make the mistake of not getting the right message to customers at the right time. Talking to someone who has never engaged with your brand and someone who has engaged with the brand multiple times is a radically different conversation and should be treated as such.

"Being ROI conscious by understanding and tracking ROI is the biggest thing that businesses can do to avoid this mistake."

How can brands take advantage of Facebook to reach their goals?

First, brands need to define their perfect customer. You are able to upload your customer list, phone numbers that have called you, addresses that you have shipped to, etc. to Facebook and Facebook will match the data points to each customer’s personal profile. In doing so, you are able to gain access to the person’s online viewing habits and demographics to create trends to match other potential customers with, also known as lookalike audiences.

The next step is understanding what speaks best to that customer by knowing what a unique value add might be for that person. Taking the approach of helping not selling by making what the customer is looking for easier and hassle free is key. Facebook is also a great way to validate and test out assumptions for target markets or unique selling propositions. Because the platform is relatively cheap and scalable, businesses can test these things before taking those ideas to other online platforms or offline marketing that may be riskier.

What are some brands that you think do a great job with advertising?

Clickfunnels, Shutterfly and Disney all do a great job with advertising on Facebook because they are active. These brands segment their audiences and they have very engaging content that is right for every consumer on Facebook. It’s fun and by segmenting their audiences, as a male business owner I am seeing a different advertisement than a female graphic designer. Talking to different subsections directly is why some brands are more successful with advertising than others.

Follow top players in your industry that are active and try to get on their marketing lists. I subscribe to my competitors marketing campaigns, email lists, I like their Facebook pages so that they will target me and I get to see what content they’re putting out. I get to put myself in the shoes of the consumer and can get a better idea of whether or not their content draws me in or away. Time is a currency now and we are all competing for the consumer’s time. You have to be sure that your message is better than the next person’s.

What tips do you have for someone who wants to start running Facebook ads, but doesn’t know where to begin?

Facebook ads can be very overwhelming. After a decade of doing advertising on the Internet, I have never seen a platform that changes so quickly and is as powerful as Facebook is. That’s saying a lot because when Google came out it was like the wild west, similar to how Facebook is today.

I would suggest first defining your perfect customer at a very minimum interest targeting or through demographics just to get your feet wet. Then understanding what speaks to that customer and putting it into ad copy should be your next steps. Whatever that unique selling point, value add or education point is you should test out 2 or 3 different messaging options to see what works best. Start testing the markets that you perceive are your perfect customer, too. Run those messaging options with the demographics you see fit and see which combination results in the most engagement and traction.

What can we expect from your Workshop?

Because of how popular Facebook is and because so much of the platform is uncharted territory, there is a tremendous amount of noise out there on what works best for advertising on Facebook. From an advertisers perspective Facebook feels like the Internet .com boom all over again. With that being said, it can be difficult to know where to start and what actually works for advertising on Facebook.

During my session, you’ll learn how to cut through the noise and understand what truly stands out on this powerful platform. The best way to know what works is to spend time on Facebook yourself. I spend several million dollars on Facebook ads out of pocket every year, in addition to client ad spend.This allows us to learn what’s working in “real time”. Knowing what works and does not work in real time, day to day is the only way to stay competitive and find success advertising on Facebook.

You’ll also learn how to properly run and scale Facebook campaigns. A big challenge for a lot of companies is to find profitability from Facebook campaigns. If they are able to profit, many hit a ceiling and aren’t able to profit exponentially so being able to profitably scale is key.

I’ll teach you the biggest dont’s that cost companies millions of dollars every year on Facebook, giving you the techniques to avoid wasteful spending. We’ll also discuss how to write effective ad copy and how to target the right audience that will have the biggest impact on your company’s growth. You’ll learn how to leverage Facebook’s tool’s to your advantage and not be overwhelmed by them. Finally we’ll talk about how to create a sales funnel and use Facebook as a tool to help along that sales journey that customers are on.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Cut through the noise and discover what stands out on Facebook
  • Properly run and scale Facebook campaigns
  • Understand the biggest don’ts that cost companies millions
  • Write effective ad copy
  • Target the right audience for maximum impact on your growth
  • Leverage Facebook’s tools instead of being overwhelmed by them
  • Create a sales funnel and use Facebook within that funnel

When you aren’t busy running SiteFlood, what can we find you doing?

I’m passionate about volunteering, so I’m often doing that and mentoring young entrepreneurs. I spend a lot of time learning and reading, as well as working on other companies that I advise for in other markets. You can also find me working out, playing basketball or practicing yoga whenever I get the chance.

Wanna see Anthony’s Facebook Advertising Workshop? Be sure to snag a seat to our 2018 Workshop!