LA Workshop Recap: September 23-25, 2016



Bloguettes Los Angeles Workshop Recap: Sept 23-25: We went to LA for our 3-Day Workshop on September 23-25th. See our gorgeous studio, amazing food, & guest speaker Annie Lawless!

As told by our student, Korina Garcia

Going into the LA workshop, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect in terms of content and the overall experience of sitting in a room with 28 other women taking in information that applies to a variety of industries. How do you teach someone the same concepts that somehow translate across the board? For Lorena and Sakura, that was an easy task.

Throughout the 3-Day Branding Workshop, every attendee was able to take away at least a few things that reassured them (us) that we are all capable of taking simple ideas and building them from the ground up. And it definitely helps having a gorgeously decorated workspace thanks to Astroetic Studios!


Day 1: Branding

Going into Day One, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of women in my surroundings. There were women who had been in the business for decades, some who decided to change direction and were here to learn how to solidify their foundation, and others who knew they had potential but weren’t quite sure how to get started. For me, I fit into the latter category. I don’t have an established brand (other than my personal pages), but I was curious to see how inspired I would be at the end by listening to those around me and seeing what it really took.


The decorations were gorgeous. Amy Nicole Floral did an incredible job surrounding us with the perfect amount of greenery on our tables and in hanging terrariums. Jake Duke Studios comfortably arranged for all of us to tackle the days ahead with our farm tables and chairs, the ivory lounge seating area, and the picture perfect daybed setup. Luckily for me, my allergies stayed at bay the entire weekend, and I was able to really enjoy the plants for their aesthetic purposes. The couch in the corner was perfect for pictures and the white walls provided a great lighting setup. The environment was really casual and relaxing, something that initially concerned me given that I had never experienced a workshop before.

  • Amy Nicole Floral's always amazing centerpieces
  • Our greenery draped podium
  • Sweet geometric terrariums
  • Jake Duke Studios' dreamy daybed setting
  • Tables and chairs by the generous Jake Duke staff
  • Neutral toned lounge seating for chit-chatting with new friends

It didn’t take long for us to get in the learning mode and take in everything Lorena and Sakura had to offer. After a ton of in-depth lessons, we broke for lunch from Alex Peyton Events + Catering who kept the fuel going with an assortment of delicious meals not only on Day One, but throughout the entire weekend. After lunch, we regrouped and dove straight into the material. Blogging Day was filled with so much information and takeaways that at the end of the day, you left wondering why you waited this long to start your brand.

  • Marbled breakfast breads by Alex Peyton Catering
  • Alex Peyton Catering BYOS (build your own salad) bar
  • Free range grilled chicken and citrus marinated shrimp toppings
  • Gorgeous Southwestern salad
  • Assorted colorful macarons for dessert

Day 2: Social Media

Day Two was a little more interactive than the first. We started off with fresh fruit, acai, and edible flower bowls from Amazebowls and then started the lesson. We downloaded apps and played around with them in order to get a better feel for how they work and how we can apply them to our own needs. I enjoyed seeing what Lorena and Sakura recommended after, what I can imagine, has been years of going through programs to find the right fit. It was incredibly beneficial to have them discuss the variety of content we can, and should, create.

Having Annie Lawless in attendance to share her experiences as the co-founder of Suja Juice and manager of her personal blog, BLAWNDE, really put everything into perspective. Seeing what Bloguettes had been teaching us in someone who openly admitted to all her struggles was relieving. We learned how she succeeded and it inspired me to continue my own quest.

Although at times it seemed slightly overwhelming seeing just how much we have to maintain and produce in order to stand out among the crowd, they assured us that it is simple if we stay organized and know what content fits best on which outlet. I left feeling ready to tackle what I needed to do. Grabbing a delicious Perfect Bar and refreshing Zico coconut water on my way out the door helped keep my motivation going. Next challenge: how to get started.

  • Suja Juice cofounder, Annie Lawless, talking to our students
  • Fellow girlbosses
  • A group picture with Annie Lawless
  • The perfect way to start the morning on Day 2 & Day 3
  • We definitely understand why these are called Amazebowls

Day 3: Photoshop & Lightroom

The last day was the most interactive of them all. We downloaded the Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and followed along as Sakura shared her knowledge with us. Although I had taken two courses in college on Photoshop, I never really felt ready to use those lessons for real-world purposes. Maybe third time is a charm because I took away so much more knowledge than I did in previous classes. I felt like complex-looking graphics were simplified for even the most novices of designers. Getting a behind-the-scenes look at how they build their own blog helped put me at ease that although theirs looks so professional, I can eventually reach that level too if I put in the effort and use the skills taught. Having a booklet to take home with me comforted me that much more.

At the end of the workshop, I left with a bag full of Bloguettes goodies, a Faithful Scents candle, and a bracelet from Seek Wander Share. On top of it all, I left knowing I was just as skilled as the next person to take concepts and craft them into an achievable reality using what I already knew. By fine-tuning those skills and using new knowledge attained at the workshop, I left feeling more confident than ever that a dream only stays a dream unless you act on it. Lorena and Sakura taught me to feel ready and excited about my potential and to get going with no fear.


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