What We Learned at the Adobe MAX Conference



Here at Bloguettes, we’re all about learning. The industry we work in changes and evolves every day, and it’s so important to stay one step ahead at all times in order to set your brand or biz up for success.

One of our favorite ways to learn is by attending conferences (we’ll be hosting our own in February!). So, when we heard about the Adobe MAX Conference, we were all in. Our Co-Founders Lorena and Sakura and our Creative Director Amy had such an amazing time at the event, so we decided to have them share their favorite takeaways on the blog! Read along as Sakura, Lorena, and Amy reflect on their experiences from the conference:

What were your expectations going into the conference? Were they met? Why or why not?

Sakura: The keynote general sessions exceeded my expectations. Everything from the production, the scale, to the content of it just absolutely blew my mind!  As far as the sessions go, some definitely were great and some not so much, but I still learned a lot and overall was very impressed!

Lorena: My expectations were almost met! I think I went in expecting to learn all about new updates about Adobe’s products and how can we use them at Bloguettes and that part was met no question.

Amy: My expectations were met! I was hoping to learn a bit more about how to efficiently use the apps that I already use on a daily basis. I learned so many different things from all of my sessions, and was very pleased!

Who do you think can benefit from this conference most? (business owners, designers, creatives, etc.)

Sakura: All of the above, but I would have to say creatives for the most part!  They also had a lot of great sessions for workflows for businesses in general and highlighting the importance of the creative team in every business.

Lorena: I think of course designers and creatives but also business owners. Nowadays, every business has design and creative needs so it is important for business leadership to stay up to date as the creative industry changes constantly!

Amy: I couldn’t agree with Lorena and Sakura more! Obviously this conference is for creatives, but anyone could benefit from it. Knowledge is power, so even as a leader just knowing and seeing all of the possibilities that your team could be implementing would be so valuable for your business.

Was there anything you were surprised to learn at the conference? If so, what?

Sakura: I was very impressed with all of the 2D/3D technology they are coming up with and all of the new updates that make creative design work just significantly faster.

Lorena: All the amazing things that will be coming out in AI and how they will affect the way we live and the way we do business.

Amy: I think just learning a little bit more about some of the apps that I don’t use on a regular basis, or that may have seemed intimidating at one point. It definitely opened my eyes more to new apps and how we could start implementing them more here at Bloguettes.

What was your favorite session? Why?

Sakura: Like I said above, the keynote sessions were amazing and just extremely entertaining, but besides the keynote sessions I loved Valentina Vee’s “Quick Tips to Produce Videos That Get Clicks” session. It was entertaining, straight to the point, and was not a sales pitch.  I also very much enjoyed a session called “How to NOT be a Creative Dictator”.  It was about letting go and trusting in your team to get the work done and gave leadership & workflow tips!

Lorena: My favorite session was by Valentina Vee and it was all about video. I liked it because she did not make the session about herself, it was all about specific things we can all do to improve our video strategy. I really recommend you watch it with the on-demand link here.

Amy: I would have to agree with Lorena, Valentina Vee did such a great job with her session. I feel like she gave the most valuable tools and insight. And yes her session was geared towards video, but so many of the strategies that she discussed could be carried out on any platform. (Close runner up though was Design Hacking With Illustrator, with Mordy Golding…he gave some REALLY valuable/time saving tips when it comes to illustrating in Adobe Illustrator).

From what you learned at the conference, what will stick with you most? What are your key takeaways?

Sakura: The importance of having a compelling creative team and compelling creative work.  I also learned really to utilize all of the amazing softwares & updates rather than softwares that we’re just used to, because they all do different things for a reason!  

Lorena: i think for me my biggest takeaway is that visuals and design are more important than they have ever been. As companies and individuals we are more exposed than ever so maintaining a consistent brand and message across channels is a great challenge but it pays off. Also a big takeaway from me was that a photo, a graphic, or video when trying to connect with consumers is way more powerfully emotionally than any article or piece of content that you can write. So for all businesses, I would recommend to not overlook the impact that one single photo can have in the perception of your products or services.

Amy: I think a huge thing for me was that these apps are so complex, but at the end of the day do what works best for you! The way one designer works in an app could be so different than how you prefer…so find out how to work efficiently and make it work for you.

Another huge takeaway for me was from Martina Flor’s session, Lettering Design From Sketch To Final Artwork. A lot of people say “Get better with practice” and her motto is “Get better with making”. So to improve her lettering skills, she started this project where she made post cards for loved ones, or just people she admired and sent them to them. And seeing their smiling faces when they received the cards meant so much more than just a good design that may have sat there and served no purpose otherwise. So practice, but practice with purpose!

Didn’t get a chance to attend the Adobe MAX Conference? Be sure to check out the recordings of all of the sessions.

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