Love Isn’t a Battlefield With the Sift App



Sift Dating App

Oh, love.

They say it’s a battlefield, but thanks to the Sift dating app, people can find out how their selfies (and other dating aspects) come across to other people—no battlesuits required.

Meet Sift—your mobile dating wingman. Co-founders Gabriel Azevedo and Evan Vandenberg were initially working on a different app before Sift was created. The duo would often meet for lunch where they would talk about their dating experiences (or lack thereof!). After weeks of these lunch time ‘Tinder Talks,’ Gabriel and Evan decided to get experimental and test out various profile pictures and opening lines to see if Cupid’s arrow would show more favor towards them. After experimenting for a few weeks, the two app creators knew they had to share their findings. Thus, Sift was born.


The dating app uses crowdsourcing to analyze different components of your online dating profile in order to put the user’s best foot (or shall we say, self) forward. Individuals can upload selfies where fellow users can vote on what kind of vibe the person’s image sends out. Terms like “romantic,” “chill,” “deep,” and “outgoing” are just a few of the choices available. By uploading multiple photos, users can pinpoint which selfie will do the best on their dating profiles. Photos aren’t the only thing users can vote on and analyze either. Opening lines, bios, and tips on how to avoid those super awkward Tinder convos are just some of the things users can get honest feedback from.

“We created Sift because people are incapable of objectively analyzing themselves, especially when it comes to how they are perceived by their gender of preference,” Sift co-founder Gabriel states.

Sift App Screenshots

While the app just recently launched, there has already been talk from the press. Sites like the Examiner and BetaPage were some of the firsts to scope out the ingenuity of the app’s use of analytics and user feedback.

“Our goal with Sift is to make sure our users put their best foot forward and don’t miss that next great match! The analytics we provide are for self-improvement and are not compared with other users’ results. We simply want our users to have the data to make the best decisions for them,” co-founder Evan Vandenberg said.

We’d say Sift is like that friend you can always count on for honest advice. You never quite know what they have to say until they say it, but when they do, you’re better off for it.

May the odds (of love) be ever in our favor.