How To Make Your Blog Stand Out



There are over 150 million blogs floating around the Internet right now. WordPress alone has six new posts every single second–with the numbers of bloggers and blogs continuing to rise, how can your blog stand out amongst the rest?

 Be Knowledgeable and Credible

Every time people visit a successful and popular blog, it is because it has something to offer. You need to be an expert in the field you are writing about. If you have clued-up and useful information, and can back it up with sources and facts—the validity of your blog surges. And people will visit and keep visiting, because it doesn’t seem like every other blog with the same information. Think through your posts.

 Add Variety and Highly Visual Content with Your Posts

Don’t let your blog get stagnant. People love pretty things. Usually splicing up lengthy posts with visually rich images can give your readers a break and a more fun experience. People love lists. Make your content user-friendly! A list is a great way for readers to easily comprehend the information they came for, no one wants to scroll all day to find something. People love problem-solvers. A “How To” post is a great way to engage readers and once you give them one successful resolution to a problem, they will come back for more. Switch it up on how often you do all of these!

Find Your Niche Audience and Relate to Them

It is hard to generalize a blog for everyone’s unique personality, so find what you are passionate about and other people with the same passion will come to you. Respond to your comments and ask what your audience wants from you. Help them! If you make it more about them then about yourself, you will reap the benefits of more site views and popularity, and stand out from the competitors.

Use Social Media as a Platform

Make sure you have a social media strategy. Your readers shouldn’t have to search the site to find where they can share it. Search engine optimization is important, but so is social media optimization. Your blog should be easily accessible and shareable on all social networking sites. If users see a different site from other blogs, most likely they will want to share it.

 Be Generous

Don’t try to pretend you are the only blogger in the world. Promote other blogs that you like and think have good information your viewers might like—eventually the favor will be returned and you will be exposed to all of their viewers, too.

Overall remember that creating a popular, successful, and unique blog takes time. Don’t give up because your page views aren’t increasing rapidly. If you are passionate and believe you have something useful for people to hear—make them hear it!

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