Meet Our Chicago Workshop Sponsor: La Belle Fleur Events

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We partnered with the lovely ladies of La Belle Fleur Events for our Chicago Workshop on Oct 14-16! Read all about their story on the blog.

We partnered with the lovely ladies of La Belle Fleur Events for our Chicago Workshop on Oct 14-16! Read all about their story and see why we chose to work with them to put on the best event possible!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Ashley La Fleur, and I’m the owner of La Belle Fleur Events. At La Belle Fleur Events, we work with clients on the design and logistics of their upcoming weddings. I’m an avid reader, barre lover, and vegetarian! I’m also currently engaged which has made planning super fun. You can follow along with #HisNFleurs!

How did the idea for La Belle Fleur come about?

I graduated in the height of the recession, and no one was hiring. I figured if no one would hire me then I would create a position for myself, and that’s exactly what I did!

How did you decide on the ‘La Belle Fleur’ name?

I’m the last La Fleur in my family; the name actually ends with me. I thought it was a great way to keep it going as long as possible. It is also quite on-brand for me since our events always focus on romance and lots of flowers.

What kind of services does the company provide?

We provide event coordination as well as full service design and production.

How would you describe your core team at La Belle Fleur?

We are a fairly young group of ladies; we’re all under 30! We know how to work hard and play hard, and enjoy watching every event come to fruition. We have some guilty pleasures such as fro-yo, green tea lattes and The Kardashians. Oh, and watch way too many snap stories!

What has been one of your favorite events to put together?

We recently had two graphic designer-artists get married. Every aspect of their day was perfectly them: from the gorgeous, form fitting beaded dress, the pops of color in their bouquets to the hip hop band who kept everyone on the dance floor. My favorite events are the ones where guests walk away and think that the wedding perfectly reflected the couple.

People always say that you need to be prepared for things to go wrong the day of the event. What are some tips you have to stay calm?

Hire an event planner! No, but really; an experienced event planner can put out fires, and trust me: there will be some. In addition to that, hire people you really like and trust. Professionals can do just about anything if you trust them to execute your vision.

What is your favorite thing about planning events?

I love watching everything come to fruition. You put over a year of work into something, and you never see it actually come to life until the wedding day. You have to be able to see a picture in your head and find the vendors to bring it to life. It keeps life exciting!

Any advice for budding event planners?

Definitely intern before you have your heart set on being an event planner. It’s a lot less glamorous than people imagine. It’s a lot of behind the computer work, long hours on your feet and schlepping items back and forth. Interning can give you a better idea if this is really what you want to do!

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I'm writing this with happy tears in my eyes and a celebratory hot chocolate in hand. (Bc that's how I do! 💁🏻) I want to take this moment to say THANK YOU. La Belle Fleur Events would be nothing without the support of YOU. Without the support of my family and Connor. My biz besties @artistrieco @lifeinbloom and @theceoffice. Without my support group @creativechics and without my AMAZING clients. Thank you to my amazing colleagues @ever.erin and @juliepappas for joining this journey and being there for the highs and lows. Today, I reached a career milestone. I found out that a video I submitted was selected for the Power of Positive Summit. It's a video where I share some times in my life where it wasn't all pretty, and where at times I really felt like giving up. Because let's be honest for a sec, ok? Sometimes life can be HARD. It's not always pretty dresses, champs and laughs. (Despite what my insta might show.) So thank you for your support, love and encouragement. I hope I can give each of you that when you need it. Thank you to @jongordon11 for giving us this amazing platform, and to the rest of the speakers for sharing their wisdom. I put the temporary link in our bio. #LinkInBio 📷: @artistrieco

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There are still a few seats left before this weekend’s workshop! Learn more about the Chicago branding workshop here!

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