Meet Christina from She’s Got Sole



Christina is a shoe-lover and blogger behind the blog She’s Got Sole. She’s a firm believer that the right pair of shoes can transform an outfit, an attitude, and even the way a woman feels about herself–and we would have to agree!


How long have you been blogging/working for yourself? I have been blogging and writing since my sophomore year of college (approx. 2011). I wrote for many difference publications and personal fashion blogs throughout my entire undergrad including The Chic Daily, ASU’s Fashion Journalism Club.

How did you come up with the idea? The idea behind She’s Got Sole came sole-y (haha, get it?!) from my love of shoes. The entire blog is based around shoe fashions and positive women empowerment through fashion. Within fashion, they have always been the easiest way for me to express myself. Regardless of any insecurity or body image frustration that all women deal with from day-to-day, a pair of shoes can completely and entirely transform that. Everyone woman can attest to that. To me, there’s no better feeling than wearing a pair of perfectly fitted pair of pumps to make me walk more confidently.

What was the hardest part in getting started? The hardest part of getting started with my blog was most definitely two aspects: A. Being vulnerable to readers. Actually publishing and sharing my work means that it’s up to criticism and laughs from people who may not like it…or may not agree with my mindset at all. B. Knowing how to properly brand myself without having to pay for a “professional” to do so. (Aka…my inability to work Photoshop prior to Bloguettes.)

How do you maintain a balance between other aspects of your life and your blog? I keep up on my email and to-do list upon every hour throughout the workday so that by the time that I get home or end my day, I don’t feel overwhelmed with more to do. Also, I constantly have to remind myself to spend more “me time.” If I don’t allow myself to take a quick breather here and there, I over stress and over analyze everything in life. Also, instead of spending hours-upon-end plugged into blogging or photo editing, I make sure to spend about 30 minutes at a time working on it so that I don’t obsess over small details.

How do you stay connected with other bloggers and creatives like yourself? Just like all of us these days, I stay connected with other bloggers and fashion icons via social media; mostly via Instagram and Twitter. It’s the easiest way to consume little bits and pieces of their lives and projects. When I have the time, I love spending time at meet-ups and social events to be able to really catch up and invest time into relationships with other creative people.

What’s your favorite social media channel for personal use? Those would have to be Twitter and Instagram. I use the two quite equally, just for different audiences and purposes.

What’s your favorite social media channel to use for business/blog related stuff? Just the same as the question prior. I have such a difference in my followers between the two different social media platforms; so I tend to use the two equally for business/blog related purposes, but just to reach different people from different industries that I have worked in and networked in.

Who do you look up to? Mary Tyler Moore. She set such an incredible example for women of her time that has transcended to my generation; for that, I am incredibly thankful. I just adored watching re-runs of her shake up the journalism industry as a confident woman in the Mary Tyler Moore Show when it was so rare to even see a woman in the work force.

What advice do you have for others? Not to sound cliché at all, but my biggest advice would be to stay yourself in your blogging and writing. The best part about such a creative and first-person platform is having the freedom to publish YOUR thoughts and YOUR point-of-view in life on YOUR own topic. Have fun with it! And please…please, please, please…spell check and grammatically check your work before you publish. Please. No one will take you seriously until you do so.

What’s the best advice you’ve received? Love yourself first. If you don’t trust how wonderfully and perfectly you yourself were made then you’ll always be living in comparison and insecurity. Just love yourself for who you are and who you are not. This is the advice that has stuck with me my entire life.