Meet Our InstaCamp Branding Director: Sakura Considine

Meet InstaCamp Branding Director: Sakura Considine - Bloguettes


Meet Sakura, your branding director at InstaCamp! As the Bloguettes creative brand director, Sakura definitely knows a thing or two about identifying your brand image and sticking to it–especially when it comes to pictures. Learn how she got started, what branding means to her, and what she’ll be teaching more about at InstaCamp on May 21st in Palm Springs!

Tell us a little about yourself and how you’ve gotten to where you are.

I’ve always loved everything & anything visual. I started playing around with graphic design around the age of 12 when my mom introduced me to the Adobe world and I was obsessed with photography. Everything that I learned was self-taught because I just loved being creative.  Shortly after I graduated from Arizona State University, I started a website called The Sorority Secrets with two other girls and shortly after that, started Bloguettes with my business partner, Lorena. Though I wear many hats in the company, my title is Creative Brand Director. I make sure that everything we produce is on-brand and looks pretty, of course. I also have my personal blog called Something Sakura, which is really my creative outlet from my everyday work.

How would you describe ‘branding’ in your own words?

You, your style, and your personality—to sum it up, humanizing a company. With a successful brand, you can set expectations, quality, and stand out from the crowd. I truly believe you can sell everything & anything in the world if you have a strong brand behind it. Branding is not only the visual aspect, but goes even further through your voice, customer service, experience, etc.

How would you define the Bloguettes brand?

Bloguettes is always about education, but we make sure that we keep it fun and easy to understand. If I were to think of Bloguettes as a person, Bloguettes would be an approachable, fun, yet very credible person. We make sure through all of our visuals that we communicate we are a fun & bright company as well. 

How does your personal branding differ from Bloguettes? 

My personal brand differs from Bloguettes because I showcase my personal life more, but tie it to my professional life as well. I am definitely not as witty & confident like the Bloguettes’ brand/voice hah. I also think since our company “brand refresh,” our aesthetic is a lot simpler and minimalistic!

What are the first steps you need to do in order to figure out your brand?

I think it’s always a good idea to ask a close friend or family what they think about you—your strengths & weaknesses, personality traits, and what makes you stand out. I think getting an outsider’s perspective really allows you to highlight a few key focal points when it comes to your branding.

How important is your audience when it comes to branding?

Extremely! It determines how you want to talk to them through your voice, what type of content or product you produce, etc.

How do colors affect someone’s branding?

If you haven’t researched color psychology, I highly recommend you to do so. Color in itself can affect how someone might think about or expect from that brand. You want to make sure that when it comes to branding, you’re selecting colors that properly reflect you, your company, and your personality! 

Why do you think Instagram is such a good platform for showcasing your brand?

People are more visual than ever and Instagram is a very visual social media channel that helps you visually showcase your brand. From the way you edit your photos, the type of content you post, to the way you caption your photos—you’re hitting all three very important nails on the head when it comes to branding through Instagram!

Can you give us a little sneak peek into what you’ll be teaching at InstaCamp?

We are really going to dig deep when it comes to branding your Instagram! We’re going to go over everything from what you should post to what you shouldn’t post. If you have difficulties with not having enough photos to post on Instagram, I’ll help you mold your Instagram branding so you can get plenty of content. We will also go into your grid strategy as well. For those of you that don’t know what the grid is, it’s how your account looks as a whole. From there, we will have round table discussion on YOUR current Instagram feed so you can see things from another point of view!

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