Meet InstaCamp Product Styling Director: Audrie Storme

Product Styling InstaCamp Director Audrie Storme - Bloguettes


Meet Audrie Storme! It’s safe to say her name is reminiscent of a superhero, and in the world of product styling, she totally is. For InstaCamp on May 21st in Palm Springs, Audrie will be heading up the Product Styling station! Creating flat lays and showcasing your product in its best light looks easy, but in reality, it’s not. Learn everything from taking photos at the right angles, how to fill up a frame, and how to ultimately, sell products because of love at first sight!

Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Audrie Storme (pronounced like Audrey Storm), and I am a content creator living in Huntington Beach, California with my fiancé who is also my photographer/business partner. I started posting #OOTD photos on Instagram at the end of 2014 just for fun, and now I produce regular content for my Instagram, YouTube channel, and blog.

What does a day as a content creator look like?

When I wake up in the morning, I usually like to share what I’m doing or what I’m going to be doing that day on Instagram. Whether it’s grabbing coffee or doing my hair or having breakfast in bed with my dog, I’m usually snapping a picture of it. Afterwards, it’s checking and answering e-mails and planning out my content schedule for any ongoing or upcoming collaborations I’m working on. Otherwise, the rest of my time is spent on filming/editing/shooting content or attending meetings/events.

What is a common misconception about product styling?

I don’t think there’s any right or wrong when it comes to product styling; it’s all a matter of preference. Some prefer a more minimal approach, while I focus on filling in any negative space. Life is messy – complicated, even. I like to style products to reflect that chaos in an aesthetically pleasing way, without straying too far from normality.

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InstaCamp Product Styling Director Audrie Storme - Bloguettes

When you receive a product, what is the first thing you do/look for when it comes to taking a picture?

The first thing I do when I receive a product is actually when I take a picture. Whenever I open up a package, it’s almost like opening a present on my birthday or Christmas. I feel the most inspired at that time.

What do you look for before you agree to work with a company/product?

Before working with any company, I usually go through their Instagram or the About section on their website to see whether or not we fit together. Whether it’s the brand’s aesthetics or their target audience or the product itself, I always want to make sure that together, we make sense for my use, my life, and my feed. If I can’t see myself easily using that product or fitting into that company’s vision/style, then I really don’t think that I have any business promoting them.

How would you describe your personal photo editing style?

Dark, moody, and desaturated.

InstaCamp Product Styling Director Audrie Storme - Bloguettes

How do you come up with so many different ways to feature a product?

Personally, I don’t really think of featuring products in that way –  as if I have to come up with a multitude of different ideas of how to display something. I’ve always wanted my content to be a reflection of everyday life, so my approach is to feature the product by snapping a photo of how it fits in my life and lifestyle. Also, each photo is a moment in time and every moment is different!

Do people usually ask you to feature products or do you do a lot of reaching out?

I’ve never really put any energy into reaching out – even in the beginning. My focus has always been on creating content; but I do believe that the amount of content that I put out there every single day allows brands to find me more easily, which leads to companies and brands reaching out to me.

How do you make sure a brand’s aesthetic is captured in your photos?

Touching base on what I mentioned before about making sure that the brand and I fit – I think if we fit together, the photo should be easy to capture. If I’m struggling to capture the aesthetic, it’s probably because it feels forced and it’s not the right collaboration for me.

You have partnerships ranging from Nylon Magazine to Converse. How did you go about getting these partnerships? What tips do you have for people who want to work with big brands?

Consistent content and a clear overall aesthetic. Since I’ve started, I’ve posted at least one Instagram photo every day (if not more) and have tried to put as much YouTube and blog content out there as possible. While that might seem excessive to some, I think it’s helpful for brands to get a clear and concise idea of who I am and what kind of content I can offer them. From a business standpoint, think of your content as your resume. A lot of times, people won’t read the entire thing – they’ll just want skim (for the most part). So, if someone were to skim your Instagram, would they be able to decipher who you are and what you’re able to offer them within a few seconds? If the answer is “no”, my biggest tip is to make sure that your answer is a “yes”.

Can you give us a little sneak peek of what you’ll be teaching at InstaCamp?

And spoil the surprise? Nope! 🙂

InstaCamp Product Styling Director Audrie Storme - Bloguettes

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