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Martha is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who writes the blog The Boww. After following other bloggers for several years, she decided to give it a try for herself! The Boww is where Martha writes about fashion and inspires others to mix up their closet. But one of our favorite parts is her Friday feature, called Friday Finds, where she focuses on local businesses, events and restaurants in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Being Arizonans ourselves, we love hitting up The Boww’s Friday finds for inspiration on what to do and where to go!

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How long have you been blogging/working for yourself? The Boww started on April 28, 2014 and I still maintain my full time job at my father’s construction company. I would love to work on my blog full time but I enjoy eating too much.

How did you come up with the idea? The name The Boww is short for Boutique. It has always been a dream of mine to start my own retail boutique. Whether, it is online or a brick and mortar I want to give people a great experience while shopping. Another part of why I started my blog was to build a style portfolio and really challenge my styling skills. I’ll never own a store if I can’t put outfits together—I mean who will dress those mannequins?

What was the hardest part in getting started? I started working on my blog in October of 2013 and it didn’t even launch until April 2014. I had trouble with the designer of my website and it was a huge hiccup.  If I were to do it all over again, I would have done more research before I jumped at the first designer I saw. Lesson learned.

How do you maintain a balance between other aspects of your life and your blog? I don’t know…can you tell me?? I’m still trying to figure this one out. I work full time at my dad’s office and then at night I’m either running outside for photos or huddled in my office blogging. I try to keep my weekends free for family time however; the struggle with blogging is that you need to always be ON. This might be my biggest weakness because I need to constantly update my readers through my social media outlets. I am always asking myself, “Am I doing enough?” Most of the time the answer is no, but I need downtime and I try not to negotiate on sleep. In college I could pull an all nighter but now that I’m a whopping 25, I need my sleep.  Since I’ve only been doing this for a few months I’m still trying to find that perfect balance.

How do you stay connected with other bloggers and creatives like yourself? The Bloguettes (duhh!) Also, Instagram, Instagram, Instagram, oh and did I mention Instagram?

What’s your favorite social media channel for personal use? You guessed it, Instagram. Also, I am finding a born again love for Pinterest. I went off the Pin bandwagon for a bit but I’m back baby.

What’s your favorite social media to use for business/blog related stuff? For The Boww, I post on my Instagram and Pinterest the most.  I try to keep up with Twitter and Facebook but they aren’t my favorite outlets for my blog. Also, I recently started a YouTube channel, which is a whole other animal.

Who do you look up to? There are a lot of people who I look up to, my dad, my boyfriend, my Toastmaster’s members, and plenty of other bloggers. Some of the other fashion bloggers that I just oohh and awhh over are, Late Afternoon, Song of Style, Pink Peonies, and The Skinny Confidential. I don’t like to look up to just one person because everyone has their own path and mine isn’t going to be like anyone else’s. I like to soak in everything I can from the people I come in contact with.  If you listen closely you can learn something from each and every person you come across.

What advice do you have for others? Be mindful of others you work with.  Again, I had a horrible time setting up my blog design and I wish I did more research before jumping at the first person. That mistake alone cost me 6 months of frustration. Also, don’t give up. Most blogs fail within the first 3-6 months (woohoo, I passed the 3 month mark!).  I am constantly challenging myself to create more content to give to my readers.

What’s the best advice you’ve received? I did A LOT of research before I started my blog.  During that time, I read a lot of advice how to start and help a blog succeed. These are the three things that have kept with me while creating content for my blog.

1)   Look at your blog as a business. Since I work 40 hours at my dad’s office, I need to be very disciplined to set time to work on my blog. Also, I started a business under my blog’s name and even have an accountant and a lawyer. My goal is to create something bigger than just my little blog therefore I took the necessary steps to start that.

2)   Be consistent.  Be consistent with your blog posts, including the date, time and your photo editing. To be honest, I struggle with this piece of advice but it is something that I always have in the back of my head because this is what brands you. Also, consistency keeps your readers happy!

3)   Have fun- Don’t forget this one! When that sinking feeling comes crawling in your stomach and you feel like you just need to scream because everything is going wrong…remember, have fun!  Trust me, this piece of advice has come in handy more times than I like to admit!

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