Meet the Interns: Amy



Meet Amy! She’s one of our creative design interns, and we couldn’t imagine a better person for the job! In addition to helping with photo styling, blog graphics, and Photoshop projects, we’ve been drawing on her interior design background to help us get the studio together. Seriously, how did we get so lucky?

Where are you from and what brought you to Arizona? I am a born and raised Phoenician!

What is your major in college and why? I am currently pursuing a BSD in Interior Design at Arizona State University and will graduate in the spring of 2016. I originally went into nursing after I graduated high school, but I realized I needed to pursue my passion for art and design. I applied for the Interior Design program at ASU, and have been a stranger to my bed ever since. Although my back up plan is to be a burger girl at In-N-Out.

If you weren’t living in Arizona, where would you live? I love Boston, the history, people, and energy in the city is incredible. If I lived outside of the United States, it would be a tie between London and the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I am actually hoping to intern in London this summer.

Describe your dream job. My dream job involves doing what I love, and not worrying about the money. It’s so easy to get caught up in a materialistic, constantly busy, doing-things-for-the-Instagram-pic lifestyle…but what truly makes me happy is my family, random acts of kindness, taking care of my health, and giving myself in whatever way I can to help those in need. Degrees look nice on paper, but I long for a life where I am constantly learning and doing something new, so I’m not restricting myself to the design field.

What do you love best about working for Bloguettes? I came to Bloguettes because I am very interested in blogging, photography, and graphic design. The Bloguettes aesthetic is very clean and simplified, but at the same time always energetic and positive. I love learning Photoshop and photography tips, and everything that goes into running a successful blog behind the scenes…They also have donuts and doggies in the office, so it’s almost impossible to be in a bad mood while you are there.

Which types of blogs do you like best, and who are your favorite bloggers My favorite blogs range from vegan food blogs, to street style, to architecture and travel. I look up whatever I am in the mood to read about, so I am constantly discovering new favorite bloggers.

What do you like to do in your free time? You would think I wouldn’t have much free time between being in school full time, working 2 jobs, and Bloguettes… but I always find time to explore the latest restaurants, grab coffee (English breakfast tea, currently) or go on an adventure. I love hiking, Bikram yoga, and cooking to relieve stress and to remember what is important to me.

Describe your personal style. My personal style is constantly evolving, but I always go for timeless classics over trendy pieces. I buy something I love at that time, whether it be a color, a shape, a texture, and wear it over and over until I am bored with it. My closet is primarily composed of black, gray, and neutral pieces, which was heavily influenced by design school.  My current scent is Tom Ford Black Orchid, favorite foundation is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, and all-time favorite mascara is YSL Shocking, it’s amazing!

What’s your favorite social media channel and why? My favorite social media is Pinterest, and I refer to it whenever I need a recipe, an inspirational quote, health tips, or design inspiration.

How has being a part of the Bloguettes team influenced you and your career path? Interning for Bloguettes has motivated me to follow my dreams, and know that I can accomplish anything I am passionate for. It is such a positive environment in the office, and the open communication and passion for blogging and sharing their knowledge with others has made them extremely successful.

If you could choose any celebrity to be BFF’s with, who would it be? I would be BFF’s with Keira Knightley or Emma Watson- I admire everything about them. I have a major girl crush!

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show? I don’t watch TV regularly, but was recently introduced to The Peaky Blinders series on Netflix, and finished two seasons in a couple days. It’s so good!  Other than that, I enjoy watching documentaries and anything with British humor.