Meet the Interns: Gabi

Meet Gabi


Meet Gabi! She’s one of our graphic design interns, and helps us out in creating content for the Bloguettes social media channels, blogs, email newsletters and everything in between! In addition to being a Bloguettes intern, she also runs her own blog called Vanilla Fringe where she writes about the sweeter things in life–think fashion, food, and travel!

Where are you from and how did you end up in Arizona? I actually grew up in AZ, but I left for Cali after HS graduation to go to San Diego State University! I ended up deciding to move back to AZ this year to finish my final year of school and get my degree in Design Management at ASU!

If you could live anywhere and have your dream job, where and what would you be doing? I always said I wanted to live in Cali, I love the beach and I am a total West Coast girl! But a trip this summer to NY made me reconsider… I loved the hustle and bustle in city! So I couldn’t tell you exactly where I would like to end up, but I dream of being an Art Director or Creative Director for a company I really love when I grow up, so as long as I am doing what I love, I think I’ll be happy wherever it takes me 🙂

What do/did you study in college and what do you hope to do with it? Ooops, I already answered these :)! But I’m studying Deisgn Management and hoping to take it in the graphic design industry and hopefully one day become an Art or Creative Director (at Free People would be the ultimate dream!)

What do you love best about working for Bloguettes? Gosh, soooo much!! I love learning new things concerning graphic design and about how to brand a company! But I think the best part about interning at Bloguettes are the people- It’s never a boring day in the office and I truly am inspired by all the girls!!!

What is your favorite type of blog and/or favorite bloggers? I am a huge fashion junkie, so style blogs are seriously my life! Favorite bloggers- Mary from Happily Grey, Shae from Peace Love Shae, and Natalie from Natalie Off Duty!

What do you like to do in your free time? I hardly ever have free time, but when I do I like to do something active! I love running and taking fitness classes like pilates and kickboxing! And sometimes I like to mix social and being active going on a hike with a friend or two!

Describe your personal style. Messy but put together, comfortable but stylish, & simple with statements!

How has Bloguettes influenced you and your career path?  Bloguettes has influenced my career in the way that it has shown me that being creative in my work is what drives me! I love being able to use my creativity in the office and it makes it not feel like work! Life’s to short not doing what you love, and bloguettes has helped me find that!