Meet the Interns: Michele

Meet Michele


Meet Michele! She traveled across the country to intern with us this summer! She is part of our content team and is always willing to help out wherever she’s needed. When she’s not helping grow our blog, she’s managing her own. She attended Teen Vogue Fashion University earlier this year and is bringing what she learned to the table. Her love for writing and creativity is what brought her to us as our first ever out-of-state intern!

Where are you from and what brought you to Arizona? I am from a ridiculously small town in Virginia called Manassas Park. The reason I am in Arizona this summer is to intern for Bloguettes. I’ve been looking for an out-of-state internship and I was lucky enough to land one!

What is your major in college and why? My full degree is in mass communications with a focus in advertising and a double minor in English and graphic design. I plan on getting my master’s degree in communications as well.

If you weren’t living in Arizona, where would you like to live? I definitely want to live in New York City for the majority of my life simply because that is where my dream job is. When I was attending Teen Vogue Fashion University earlier this spring, I got a taste of what it would be like if I lived in NYC and had my dream job. It’s a lifestyle I definitely want to pursue. I would love to retire in San Diego, California though. I love the beach too much to not live there at least once in my life.

Describe your dream job. I have known what my dream job since I was sixteen and that is to run my own magazine one day. Until then, I’ll settle for being editor-in-chief of another magazine.


What do you love best about working for Bloguettes? I love the flexibility of bringing your own style to the company. It’s not run like a typical office and the work is incredibly interesting to me.

Which types of blogs do you like best, and who are your favorite bloggers? I love lifestyle blogs. I could spend hours looking at home tours on YouTube or blogs. Some of my all time favorite bloggers include The College Prepster, Dulce Candy, Michelle Phan, and Annawithlove.

What do you like to do in your free time? In my free time I am usually with friends or family, playing soccer, reading blogs, taking pictures, reading, or playing with Lumpy, my pet hedgehog.

Describe your personal style. My personal style is definitely relaxed and comfortable. I am never too dressed up, unless it’s a special occasion. You can usually find me in a pair of leggings and a big comfy sweater!

What’s your favorite social media channel and why? Besides blog hosting websites, Instagram would have to be my favorite social media. It’s like a mini blog on an app. I can see tons of pictures, get a lot of ideas, and type as long of a caption as I want!

How has being part of the Bloguettes team influenced you and your career path? It’s definitely restarted that fire in me to keep going and pushing through to finish my degree as soon as possible so I can be a part of something bigger.

If you could choose any celebrity to be BFFs with, who would it be? Lea Michele! Our names are spelled the same way, we’re both vegetarians, we’re both loud people, and we speak our minds. Of course, I only know this from reading her biography and basically stalking her on social media, but still I think we would be great friends!

What’s your hidden talent? Most people’s jaws drop when I tell them this, but my favorite position to play in soccer is goalie. I’ve been a goalkeeper since I could walk and it’s all I really knew until high school. The reason people are so shocked by this is because I stand (proudly) at 4’11!