Meet the Interns: Shanna

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Meet Shanna


Meet one of our interns, Shanna! She’s an amazing writer, so she’s often helping us to create content for our blog and webinars. In addition to writing, she loves lending her creative talents, so we’ve started asking for her help on design projects as well! Her well-roundedness and ability to pick up anything we throw her way makes her an irreplaceable part of the Bloguettes team!


Where are you from and what brought you to Arizona? I’m a native to the fiery deserts, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the heat.

What was your major in college and why? I’m a bit all over the place. I got my bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies with emphasis in education and writing, along with a minor in family studies and human development, it’s a mouthful, I know. I also received my Master of Science in Management from Arizona State a year after I got my bachelor’s degree. I wanted the opportunity to study everything I was interested in and I’m really blessed to have had the opportunity to do that.

If you weren’t living in Arizona, where would you like to live? It sounds cliché, but I’d like to live in California or New York. I’ve visited both places and I like the energy. People often move to either place to conquer a dream of theirs and I have a lot of respect for people who go out and pursue their passion. I guess I feel a sense of connection to those places because I consider myself to be one of those people.

Describe your dream job. I’m still trying to figure that out to be honest, but lately I think I’d like to have my own startup. I’m not sure what the focus would be, but it’d be a place where I could blend my writing, creativity, personal style, and learn new and necessary skills along the way with help from my team.

What do you love best about working for Bloguettes? I really like being able to see the creative drive all the Bloguettes girls have. Being an intern for the Bloguettes has allowed me to catch firsthand glimpses of how startups become successful companies. The girls here are ‘doers.’ If someone has an idea, they figure out how to make it happen. The same thing goes in reverse. If there’s a problem, they’ll address it and come up with a specific tactic to fix the issue right then and there. It seems effortless when they do it! Good or bad, whatever comes their way, they do everything with a huge smile.

Which types of blogs do you like best, and who are your favorite bloggers?  I don’t have specific bloggers that I like, but I like fashion, art, and diy blogs.

What do you like to do in your free time? I’m an occasional crafter, savvy thrifter, and casual foodie.

Describe your personal style. I’m a bit of a chameleon. My style changes depending on how I feel that day. One day I’ll be in baggy sweats and a backwards snapback and the next day I’ll be in a babydoll dress with feather earrings and fringe booties.

What’s your favorite social media channel and why?  I’m an Instagram junkie. I go on ‘explore’ binges and end up finding the coolest accounts. It’s interesting to see how people use Instagram to showcase their creativity and talents.

How has being part of the Bloguettes team influenced you and your career path? Being a part of the Bloguettes team has exposed me to a bunch of new skillsets I want to learn—specifically graphic design and photography. I love the creative freedom I have as a writer for the blog and if I could apply graphic design and photography skills to the mix, I feel like I’d have a well-rounded resume going forward.

What is one thing you’ve always wanted to try but never have? I got back from teaching English for a year in South Korea this past August. I’ve never lived anywhere besides Arizona, but to my own surprise, picked up and moved across the world. It was one of the most challenging experiences I’ve ever done, but it sparked something. I’ve always wanted the courage to move to a new place on a whim with no job, no friends, and no plan. I know it would be so incredibly difficult and there’s a good chance things wouldn’t work out, but there’s also something so captivating about building yourself from the ground up.

What is your hidden talent? No matter how full I am, I always have room for dessert. That’s a talent, right?