Meet the Interns: Tara

Meet Tara


Meet our fashion-forward intern Tara! Every day we look forward to her amazing outfits and bubbly personality. Tara is on our social media team and while she may be small, she really can do it all! Whether she’s repinning on Pinterest or replying to your comments on Facebook, we can always count on her to pull through. If we know anything about Tara, it’s that she loves fashion (her Instagram speaks for itself)! This past summer, Tara studied Fashion Design in Florence, Italy at the Florence University of the Arts!

Where are you from and what brought you to Arizona?
I was born and raised in Northern California, but I came to Arizona for the endless sunshine and big university experience!

What is your major in college and why?
I am a business law major. I don’t plan on going to law school, but I love learning the legal side of business! I hope to work in the fashion industry after I graduate!

If you weren’t living in Arizona, where would you like to live?
If I wasn’t living in Arizona I would love to live back in San Francisco. I think it is absolutely beautiful there and you get the best of both worlds with the big city life and the ocean right there in the heart of the city!

Describe your dream job.
I would love to do something with fashion! Whether it be fashion marketing, buying, or even starting my own clothing line! I am a total travel addict and would love to travel a bunch while working in the fashion industry!

What do you love best about working for Bloguettes?
I love that everyday I am learning something new here! I love being a part of the social media team and love how helpful and welcoming everyone here is! I couldn’t imagine interning somewhere with a better work environment than at Bloguettes!

Which types of blogs do you like best and who are your favorite bloggers?
I love all blogs, but I would have to say my favorite type of blogs are fashion blogs! I could spend hours and hours every day on fashion blogs! I would have to say my favorite bloggers are Chiara Ferragni and SincerelyJules–I am obsessed with their style!

What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time I love to dance. I’ve been dancing my entire life! I also love crafting, traveling, cooking, and fashion sketching!

Describe your personal style.
I would describe my style as a more edgy boho look! I live for suede, fringe, and chunky booties!

What’s your favorite social media channel and why?
I am absolutely Instagram obsessed. I spend hours on hours every day on my explore page! My day doesn’t feel complete until I post at least one Instagram (lol).

Have you ever met anyone famous?
I met Harry Styles two summers ago while I was studying abroad in Barcelona! He was outside a sandwich shop and was so approachable!

How has being part of the Bloguettes team influenced you and your career path?
Working for Bloguettes has made me love social media even more! I’ve discovered so many new social media channels and learned so much more about the ones I use every day! I could definitely see myself continuing a career in social media!