Mistakes Bloggers Make While Monetizing Their Blog

Mistakes Bloggers Make When Monetizing Their Blog


Your blog is awesome. You are entertaining, inspiring and all together fantastic. You keep putting in place all of these grand plans of how you are going to finally make the big bucks from blogging, but keep coming up short. Not to fear! It happens to the best of us, because even the best of us tend to make the following monetization mistakes from time to time. In the hopes of wanting to see you grow and flourish, we wanted to share with you some no-no’s when it comes to trying to monetize your blog.

It’s Too Soon

Monetizing your blog is much like selling a product. You have to gain a loyal following that believes in you and trusts what you are selling before they are ever going to buy it. You wouldn’t invest in a big-ticket item without first reading reviews about it, right? The time you put into your blog, the comments, subscribers and all the lasting interactions will serve as your reviews for potential buyers. Rushing to go to market before you have established your worth will never achieve your desired outcome. This doesn’t mean that you have to wait until you have 100,000 followers or a million pageviews a week. It only means that you need to first establish a relationship with your audience, regardless of its size, where you have earned their trust and proved your worth. Put in the time, gain the trust and respect of your audience, and then and only then, can you market yourself to make money.

Audience Confusion

Knowing who your audience is at all times is imperative when trying to sell anything at all. If you do not know who your product is for then you do not know how to properly market to them. As a blogger, you need to know who you are writing your blog for and what value you are adding to their life. If you do not have a clear and immediate answer to both of those questions, then you will never gain long-term fiscal success in the blogging world.

If you don't know why someone should invest in your brand, you can't expect anyone else to.

Numbers > Engagement

As an online business owner, it’s awesome to have tons of followers and pageviews, however, if those hoards of people don’t actually engage with you and show you they’re invested in your brand, the numbers don’t mean that much. Instead of stressing over how many likes and followers you have, turn your focus to truly engaging with your current audience. Forging a deep and meaningful bond with your audience will prove to be far more important than numbers alone. Make sure that your audience views you as a close friend rather than some two-dimensional person off in cyber space. Building an audience that cares about you–about your successes and your failures–makes you a far more valuable entity than a brand with decent numbers but limited meaningful engagement.

Lone Solider

You’re an independent lady, we know. But independence does not mean that you have to do everything on your own. A huge mistake that many bloggers make when trying to monetize their blogs is thinking they need to do it alone. The blogging community is exactly that–a community. Reach out, interact, share, and inspire one another. You’ll get much further and achieve far more with the help of your community than you will on your own. Simple things like learning from the story and business plan of a blogger you respect will help you so much when creating your own plan.

Don’t be afraid to open yourself to the help and knowledge of others. Look at your social media “friends” and pick out some individuals who you think collaborating with in more meaningful ways will help you to grow. Reach out to them and see if this is something that interests them as well. You will be surprised to realize just how many other bloggers are out there looking for the same thing.

Lack of Perseverance

It can be incredibly discouraging to put your all into something and not receive the results you are looking for. Persevering though this disappointment and still waking up every day and giving your blog and your brand your all is what separates the individuals that blog as a hobby and those who blog full-time. Don’t be so hard on yourself! If at first you do not succeed, try and try again. Continuously growing and adapting your business plan will at some point, lead you to results. As long as you stay honest with yourself and do not shy away from evolution, you’re bound to get there.

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