Must-Have Travel Items For Bloggers



Unlike most gigs, running a blog doesn’t stop when you go on vacation. If anything, traveling is a time for bloggers to draw inspiration from new sights, write from a completely different perspective, and of course, take tons of Instagram pics. When you’re constantly posting from the road, plane, or your hotel room, the things you pack in your carry-on need to be worth their weight. Here are five things we’re always sure to bring along on any trip, no matter where we go.

PBTeen Faux Fur Beauty Pouch Any zippered pouch will do, but we especially love the faux fur on this one from PBTeen. Fill it up with the essentials (chapstick, sunscreen and your room key) and switching bags from day to night becomes a breeze!

Sony QX10 If you’ve been reading the Bloguettes blog for a while, you’ll know that this attachable lens is one of our favorite things ever. For times when phone pics just won’t cut it, but hauling around a bulky DSLR isn’t an option either, enter this lens. It delivers high-quality photos that automatically get stored to your phone’s camera roll, making sharing in-the-moment snaps super easy.

Toning Face Spray Dry airplane cabin conditions and a thrown-off sleep schedule can do a number on your skin. A toning face spray can help to maintain the pH balance of your skin and keep it moisturized. And it’s not just for traveling! Our operations director Candace keeps a bottle in her desk and sprays it on for a midday pick-me-up!

Accessory Organizer Jewelry is notoriously hard to pack and keep organized. This zip-up jewelry organizer makes it a whole lot easier. With holes to hang earrings, space for rings and separate compartments for bigger pieces like watches and statement necklaces, your jewelry can be kept all in the same place without getting tangled!

PBTeen iPhone Amplifier This go-anywhere, wireless “speaker” is one of our favorite gadgets to bring when we know we’ll be off the grid. Just stick your phone into the base and pick your favorite playlist–instant party.