Nashville Workshop 2017: Attendee Recap



We recently traveled to Nashville, Tennessee for our 3-Day Branding Workshop! This workshop was very special to us, as it was the last of its kind. We’ve been doing our 3-day workshops for 3 years now, but we’ve decided it’s time to spread our wings and try something new! Be sure to stay tuned for our exciting event coming in February 2018.

We couldn’t have picked a better workshop to end on! Nashville was amazing and we loved getting to know our attendees. After the workshop, we did a Q&A with two of our incredible attendees–Kait Moore and Cait Coburn! Follow along as they give you an inside look at what it’s like to be a student at one of our workshops:

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do!

Kait: Hi! My name is Kait, and I am the Marketing Coordinator for a Fire Protection Engineering Firm in New York. I am in charge of social media, writing newsletters/blogs, and creating graphics/original content for our posts.

Cait: My name is Cait and I do marketing, social media and company branding for a mid-sized, commercial construction company in Albany, NY.


What did you expect before attending the workshop? What were you most excited to learn?

Kait: Before attending the workshop, I was so excited to learn the shortcuts of Photoshop and Lightroom. I expected to learn a lot from Lorena and Sakura, and let me tell you – it was almost overwhelming because they really packed it all in and gave us everything we needed to succeed after the workshop!

Cait: This was actually the first workshop of this type that I attended, so I did not have much to base my expectations off of. However, before going into it I knew of the Bloguettes and their stellar reputation, so I knew I was in for a great experience.

I was most excited to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop and Lightroom. At my job, I work with a ton of graphics. I do some design for our social media pages, create content for our website, and am frequently on the job site taking photos of projects during construction, as well as photos of finished projects. That being said, I was looking forward to gaining more experience editing photos, and creating graphics.

In the industry that I am in, it is a struggle to be creative. I work in a male dominated industry, and the content that I write and the images that I edit are generally on the more boring side if you will. I was truly excited to utilize my skills in a more creative setting, all while learning how to branch it into my own industry. I was able to learn skills (particularly in the social media and design days) that will allow me to create visually pleasing and engaging content for all demographics.


What was your first impression when you arrived?

Kait: The space, White Avenue Studios, was BEAUTIFUL. If I lived in Nashville I would definitely have events there, and tell all of my friends so they could have their weddings, workshops, and happy hours there too! Also, Anica was so welcoming and she really made me feel like I was talking to a friend when I walked through the door.

Cait: “WOW” – pretty much my exact reaction. First of all, the studio is just beautiful. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect location and venue for the workshop. The owner, Ashley, was such a fun loving, positive person to be around and was super welcoming. Sakura and Lorena were even more kind and helpful than I could have even dreamed. The organization of the entire event, and vendors was on point. The food was superb (and I am pretty picky… 🙂 ). I can’t gush enough. I was truly impressed.

  • Some of the yummy food we had at the workshop!
  • Some of the yummy food we had at the workshop!
  • Some of the yummy food we had at the workshop!
  • Some of the yummy food we had at the workshop!
  • Some of the yummy food we had at the workshop!

Tell us a little bit about the learning experience. What was it like to be a student?

Kait: Being a student again was great, having the guide to follow along with helped tremendously and being able to ask questions along the way was also beneficial. It was fun listening to what other bloggers wanted to know because I might not have thought of the question but once I heard some of them, I was like “Oh, I want to know that!!”.

Cait: I have only been out for a couple years now but I actually miss college. I miss learning, and coming home every day with new things to practice. So for me, it was refreshing to be back in that type of setting. I was happy to see it was a small, intimate group. I was worried that it would be a huge number of us girls, with little to no direct communication with Sakura and Lorena. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a smaller handful of girls. Sakura and Lorena were so conversational, and made the experience very interactive and engaging. It was so nice to be surrounded by creative, powerful women. It was inspiring.

What was your view of branding before the workshop? Did it change when the workshop was over?

Kait: I had a pretty good idea of branding before the workshop; it is something I do every day for my company. I learned so much more though and I am actually in the middle of a rebrand to take our company branding to the next level.

Cait: Considering that it is a major part of my job, I was able to easily understand the importance and many levels of branding. That is not to say that I did not learn more, which I definitely did! Sakura and Lorena narrowed down each and every aspect of branding and really highlighted things you can do to work on and improve your personal and/or company image. I am definitely more aware now.


What was your favorite part of the entire experience?

Kait: My favorite part was meeting all of the other girls who attended. Each and every one of them was so inspiring and had amazing stories. We not only became friends, but also helped each other in some areas that we might not have been as well versed in before the workshop. I think we all have a different kind of bond and will be able to help eachother grow our blogs and businesses!

Cait: Everything. I had such a wonderful experience that I will remember for my entire life. I think if I had to narrow it down, what made the entire workshop impactful was Sakura and Lorena, and the amazing girls I met. The instructor is always the #1 make or break in a class. They alone made it worth the layovers, taking time from work, and getting absolutely nauseous on the plane, haha.

What are your top 3 takeaways from the workshop?

Kait's 3 Takeaways

  1. 1

    Pinterest is key to growing your following–there are so many different ways you can incorporate Pinterest in your blog, photos, mood boards, and inspiration.

  2. 2

    Instagram story/share your life with your followers, even if you think it is boring they might think it is really interesting. By letting them in you are giving them a chance to see who you are and what a day in the life is like.

  3. 3

    You can apply everything you learn in these 3 days to any industry and any job. I am in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry and I am using the tricks, tips, and information I learned every single day now. I am changing the way the industry is marketed and already seeing a change in interactions through social media and our website through analytics.

Cait's 3 Takeaways

  1. 1

    YOU are your brand.

  2. 2

    Time and dedication are major factors in creating a business, building a following, etc. It can take years of hard work, and the only way you will make it is if you are in it for the right reasons.

  3. 3

    Everything I learned about Photoshop… HUGE help. All of the tips and tricks- can’t wait to practice!

Would you recommend the Bloguettes 3-Day Workshop to a friend?

Kait: YES. I know there will not be any more 3-day Workshops, but I would 100% say go to the next big event in 2018. I am already planning my trip to Phoenix and hope that some of my friends and co-workers will join me too!

Cait: Absolutely- 100%.


How were the other attendees in the workshop? Were you able to connect with them?

Kait: I felt like I knew all of girls right away! We all got along so well and were able to connect during the workshop and outside as well. Being from NY I was not as familiar with the area, but some of the girls from Nashville gave me great recommendations for shopping and the best places to eat. I talk to most of the girls who I shared a table with on a regular basis now!

Cait: Many of them! I made great connections, and long distance friendships! They were a great group of people.

How will what you learned benefit you in the future?

Kait: Everything I learned during those 3 days will benefit me, and my company, exponentially in the future. It has been less than two weeks and I am already seeing a difference in traffic so I can only imagine what three months, six months, and a full year will do.

Cait: I learned things that will help shape my career, as well as my personal aspirations. I can’t wait to start putting it all to use! The workshop showed me what was important for my success, and what I need to do to get to the next level.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Kait: My biggest piece of advice would be: GO TO THE WORKSHOP! Make the trip and go learn, you will not regret it one bit. Lorena and Sakura are amazing at what they do, and this workshop can really take your blog or company to another level.

Cait: Thank you so much for giving me memories to last a lifetime. I do not get to travel much, so another big thanks for having this one in Nashville which was on my bucketlist!!