Need A Friend? Use BFF–Bumble’s Friend Finder Feature

Need a Friend? Use BFF--Bumble's New Friend Finder - Bloguettes


If Sex and the City taught us anything, it’s that boyfriends come and go, but good girlfriends are irreplaceable. But as we become adults, making friends becomes harder and harder. You can no longer just pick up a buddy on the playground and have an automatic partner in crime. If you are too afraid to put yourself out there in person, Bumble’s new friend finding feature, BFF, will allow you to make friends safely from your phone.

You can thank users who were hacking the dating app for this new platonic feature. “So many of our users have been using Bumble to find friends and acclimate to a new city,” said Bumble founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe. “It’s a norm amongst men and women that it’s hard to find people outside of your pre-existing friendship groups.”

"So many of our users have been using Bumble to find friends and acclimate to a new city."

The way Bumble works dating-wise is that women users are in control of initiating contact with a match, but with the BFF feature, all users have the option to reach out to same-sex individuals nearby. Once you activate BFF mode in your settings, you will see photos of same-sex individuals in your area who are looking to “add to their squad.” Just like the dating portion of the app, once you see a person you will have 24 hours to send a message.

Bumble BFF - Bloguettes

If you are worried that no one is using the dating app for friendship, don’t be. Within the first four hours of the new feature going live, there was a 40% increase in the number of new members downloading the app. And for those of you in relationships who miss out on the excitement of dating apps, you too can join in on the fun. “We have an incredible user base, and so many of them were using this app to find friends. And they’ve been requesting a feature for — ‘Hey, I’m in a relationship, but I love Bumble. I still want to be able to use it’,” said Wolfe.

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Long gone are the days of solo happy hours & friendless Sunday morning brunch meets. Bumble (most commonly known for its dating application) is now helping people find their new best friends with their BFF app! See the buzz here!