iOS 8.3 emojis

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In case you didn’t see our Instagram post, or maybe have just been living under a rock the past few hours…

New emojis are finally here! With the latest iOS update (iOS 8.3) came some fixes for certain bugs, but the most notable feature of iOS 8.3 are the ethnically diverse emojis. For the most part, the face emojis now come with an array of different skin tones, and can be changed by simply holding down on an emoji and selecting the desired skin tone. The same goes for the hand emojis and action emojis (think the swimmer, salsa dancer, surfer and mountain biker). Want to show your friends that you’re excited about a night out tonight with the salsa dancing, red dress-clad emoji, but also want your emoji to sport your same long, black locks? There’s (now) an emoji for that!

In addition to increased racial diversity among emojis, there are also new family emojis, depicting families with same sex parents, with the option of one or two children. Previously, all emoji families only had one kid. Sorry only-child emoji, but your days are numbered.

And last but not least–new flags! Here in the US, we’ve been lucky enough to always have our flag represented on the emoji keyboard. But have you ever wondered what it must feel like for our neighbors to the north? No emoji flag for Canada! That is, until now (along with quite a few other countries being represented). Canadians are reportedly really, really excited about finally having their own emoji flag. And we couldn’t be happier for them. Emojis for all!