No DSLR, No Problem



A girl doesn’t need to dig too deep to know that the Holy Grail, must-have item of bloggers everywhere is a DSLR camera. Nearly everyone in the blogosphere has sung the praises of their Canon or Nikon, as have we, and with good reason. DSLRs produce really good pictures. But not without a price. Even the simplest of starter DSLRs can be a hefty investment, and unlike your Ashton Kutcher-endorsed digital camera from college, the things aren’t exactly pocket-sized. All the buttons, switches and dials don’t make them the easiest to figure out either, so asking a passerby to snap a quick picture can become an ordeal.

While we love love LOVE our DSLRs, we can probably all agree that like most things, there’s a time and a place for ’em. So what’s a girl to do when a DSLR won’t do? Here are our five favorite stand-ins that just may give your DSLR a run for its money.

"DSLRs produce really good pictures. But not without a price. Even the simplest of starter DSLRs can be a hefty investment."

HISY Bluetooth Selfie Camera Remote

For us, the self-timer option on our phones means one thing: running back and forth between your phone and your photo op, setting and re-setting the timer. Not exactly easy. The HISY button connects to your phone using Bluetooth, and allows you to snap pictures and start recording video from afar. Selfie queen Kylie Jenner is a fan, so you know it’s good.

WING Selfie Stick w/Tripod

The selfie stick just got upgraded. WING comes with a tripod attachment that allows the extendable selfie stick to stand up. The spring-loaded clip accommodates most smartphones, and even GoPros. Which brings us to our next gadget…



Once reserved for extreme athletes and that guy from your high school who’s super into parkour, GoPros have gone mainstream. We’re no daredevils, but we are big fans of the GoPro HERO4. For something so compact, it produces high-quality pictures and video. Our favorite part though is the built in Wi-Fi, which when paired with the free GoPro App, allows you to control the camera from your phone.

Sony DSC-QX10

We have a few of these lenses in the studio, and we use them all the time. Like the GoPro, the lens comes with built in Wi-Fi, so you can set your lens down in one place, and take a picture using your phone in another. You can attach it to your phone using the clip if needed, but where this lens really shines is when taking flat lays. You can hold it high up and get the perfect top-down angle without standing on chairs in the middle of restaurants (guilty).

olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens

Sometimes less is more, as is evidenced by the olloclip lens. As the name would suggest, it’s a clip that slides right onto your phone, adding four advanced lenses to your existing phone camera. There’s a fisheye, a wide-angle, and two macro lenses, which make the picture possibilities (nearly) endless.