Our Favorite Places To Find Free Stock Images



Too often stock images get a bad rap. They can look cheesy, way too staged (I mean, have you SEEN this article?), and membership plans for some of the larger stock photo providers can get really expensive. If you’re a small business owners or a fledgling blogger, chances are you don’t feel like shelling out $100 (or more) each month for stock images. Which is exactly why we’re writing this post! The majority of the time we take our own photos, but from time to time we’ve needed an image of something a little random (for example a paint can, or a stick of cotton candy–both true stories), and in those cases we’ll rely on stock images. So while of course we suggest taking your own photos as often as possible, we totally know that sometimes you just need a stock image. And not a dorky one. Which is why we’re sharing our favorite places to find free, COOL stock images.

Our Favorite Places To Find Free Stock Images

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    Death To The Stock Photo

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    Foodie’s Feed

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While we’re talking about stock photos, we do have to take a minute and toot our own horn. We were so sick of lame stock photos (as we’re sure, you are as well) and took matters into our own hands. We created Stock That Rocks–our specially curated collection of stock photos that are clean, styled, and pretty dang good if we do say so ourselves. You can purchase our stock photos individually or snag yourself a Stock That Rocks subscription where you can get 45 photos for $75 per month.

Oh, and just because we’re awesome and you are too, we give away a few FREE stock photos every so often when you sign up for our newsletter!


You know what else stock photos can be used for? Fluffer photos on your social media. Learn all about the two newest platforms in our Snapchat & Instagram Stories For Business Webinar on Nov 10th!