Overcoming Writer’s Block



There you are, sitting in front of your computer with a blank Word document open. You stare at the blinking cursor and after a while, you’re convinced it’s taunting you. Ten minutes later, you’ve written nothing and you realize it’s official. You’ve got writer’s block—and you’ve got it bad.

It happens to the best of us and we can, for certain, say we’ve been there. But take heart! We’ve compiled a list of ways to overcome the dreaded writer’s block.

Go Outside

Take a walk, stretch, or just go stand outside and take in a huge breath of fresh air! Sometimes when we’re writing, we glue ourselves to our computer chairs and forget to move. Being outside—just for a minute—will give your body and your eyeballs the break they deserve.

Eat Chocolate

We’re not doctors or nutritionists, but we’re saying, ‘Unleash the chocolate!” Having a nibble of that cocoa goodness gives your brain a small boost of dopamine and serotonin—both of which help you feel calm and happy. Just remember to not overdo it. Nobody likes a chocolate wasted blogger.

Reread Old Posts

When you have writer’s block, you feel like nothing you write is good enough. You start to write and then erase, often getting mad at yourself for not thinking of something mind-blowing to write about. Rereading some of your favorite old pieces will remind you that you are, in fact, an excellent writer. Feeling confident about your writing can be the remedy you need to help spark the creative juices flowing from your brain to your fingertips.

Whiff and Sniff

Awaken your senses and take a deep whiff of something relaxing or refreshing when you need a break. Lavender, citrus, or coffee smells can help energize or calm you which can help ease your mind. Try having fresh fruit, candles, or scented oils to give you that spritz of energy when you need it most.

Unplug Your Computer

Race against the clock—or in this case, your computer battery. Unplug your computer and write until the battery runs out. It’ll give you a sense of urgency and creates a loose deadline of when you need to have your post finished by.

Explore Different Locations

Sometimes we get too comfortable and a little bored with our surroundings. After a while, our productive workspace is too familiar and we lose our mojo. Change it up by taking your computer and writing somewhere you normally wouldn’t. Parks, coffee shops, libraries, or your backyard are all different places you can write from to inspire a new point of view.

Dance It Out

Kick off your shoes, blast some catchy tunes and shake that thang your momma gave ya! Dancing around will wake you and shake the creativity out. We’d suggest dancing in the privacy of your own home, but bonus points if you have the guts to shake it off in public!

Call A Friend

Chances are, if you’re writing, you’re by yourself. Stressing and thinking to yourself for too long can leave you feeling exhausted. If that happens, call a friend. Sometimes just talking to someone, about anything, can help. You can talk, laugh, and remind yourself that you’re not the last person on earth. When you hang up, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to write.

Writer’s block can strike at anytime, anywhere. It’s frustrating, but our brains need breaks too. Breathe in, breathe out, and remember, taking a much needed break isn’t a bad thing. So make sure to take it! You totally deserve it.