Periscope Now Autoplays in Twitter

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When we think Twitter, we think speed. Which is why being able to autoplay Periscope videos inside of tweets is such an exciting update. Think of all the time you’ll save! Previously, if someone tweeted a Periscope video, you would have to launch a separate website or app to watch the live stream.

The new feature will allow Periscope videos to be automatically played in tweets as you scroll through your timeline. Tap a video and it’ll launch a full screen view of the video and show the comments and hearts you would expect to see in a normal Periscope live stream. Twitter users will no longer need a Periscope account to watch or comment on videos that appear on their timeline.

“Starting with our iOS app, Periscope broadcasts in Twitter timelines offer a new way to experience the world, giving Periscope broadcasters a window to a massive new audience,” said Periscope chief executive and co-founder Kayvon Beykpour.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to the update. Data usage is a major concern for Twitter users. Periscope videos automatically playing in the feed could lead to users unknowingly consuming significant amounts of data and affecting their smartphone’s battery life. To lessen the blow to your battery? Disable the automatic playback of videos within your settings. You’ll be required to tap on a video for it to start playing, which is fine by us. No one wants a video to start playing when they are trying to stealthily check tweets during class!

Not familiar with Periscope? We explain the social media platform here!

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