Pet Photography: 4 Tips For When Things Get Ruff

Pet Photography: 4 Tips For When Things Get Ruff - Bloguettes


Pet Photography: 4 Tips When Things Get Ruff - Bloguettes: The best photography tips for when Fido, Eloise, & Rufus just don't want to cooperate!

Whether it’s pudgy baby pandas rolling down slides or that insanely cute hamster eating a pint-sized birthday cake, there is always an adorable animal photo or video floating around the internet. The power of pet photography is undeniable–everyone loves them! Here are some tips to help you capture your own share-worthy photos of your favorite furry friends.

Turn Off The Flash

Our pet’s eyes can tell us when they are excited, pouting, or sleepy. Capturing these emotions, while photographing them always makes for a noteworthy photo. However, a surefire way to eliminate that cuteness is to forget to turn off your flash. A camera’s flash instantly turns the cuddly kitten photo you were aiming for into a scene straight out of a horror movie. While glowing emotionless eyes can make for a funny meme now and again, they can easily be avoided by remembering to turn off your flash.

Encourage the Unexpected

It is impossible to watch that video of a hamster eating a tiny burrito without a smile spreading across your face. It’s the unexpected element of a burrito, scaled to size, in his itsy-bitsy hands that catches our attention the moment we see it, and remains in our memory long after. Putting your pets in unlikely backdrops, with out of place props, will garner a second look from your viewers. Think of C. M. Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker” where dogs are dressed in people’s clothing while playing a game of cards. While this was a series of paintings, not photographs, it proves the same point. People are drawn to animals engaged in the unexpected.

Just Keep Shooting

Unlike people, your pet pig is not a great a listener. Embrace the inevitable surprises that lie ahead of you while photographing animals and continue firing off shots. Magic is made in the moments we have no control over. Allow your animal subject to have whatever kind of shoot they want to, while you keep certain goals in mind and gently guide them in that direction.


We have all heard that the fastest way to your puppy’s heart is through his stomach. Okay, maybe we have that quote a little bit off–but you know what we mean! An easy way to keep your furry friend invested in your photoshoot is to reward them for all their hard work on set! Keep a few treats in your back pocket to hold your furry friend’s attention until you have the perfect shot. Good luck!

featured image by Karlie Colleen Photography