Phoenix Workshop 2017: Attendee Recap

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Phoenix Workshop 2017 Attendee Recap


We recently hosted our 3-Day Branding Workshop at our home here in Phoenix, AZ! Our workshops are designed to teach you the skills needed to elevate your online presence, whether it be for business purposes or building your personal brand. Through hands-on learning and collaborative discussions, you’ll leave our workshop with the skills you need to grow your social media following, craft a good photo, monetize your blog, and more!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to attend one of our workshops, wonder no longer! We did a Q&A with a few of our incredible Phoenix workshop attendees– Crystal Gaskin, Taylor Grewe, and Danielle Valiente! Follow along as they give you an inside look at what it’s like to be a student at one of our workshops:

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do!

Danielle: I am a freelance hair and makeup artist, and beauty blogger/vlogger. I work in Phoenix in a salon suite where I work with clients, and I travel to NYC and LA to do hair for celebrities, red carpets, and TV.  I work on the hair team for Project Runway and E! Red Carpet Live. My beauty blog/vlog is all about my journey and products, and the tools and techniques that I recommend to teach women how to create the looks they see on TV and runways at home.

Crystal: Hi, I’m Crystal! I’m one of the few Arizona natives—even though they say we don’t exist! As my name perfectly captures, I am very multifaceted much like a true crystal. I am nature-loving creative soul who builds websites, strong and healthy bodies, and businesses.

Taylor: Hey there, my name is Taylor Grewe! I am a social media and digital marketing manager by day, and a dance teacher by night. I recently started a lifestyle blog called Life Off The Reel because I have a passion for living the biggest life possible, positively impacting they way people see themselves and the world, and empowering people to find joy in the journey between where they are and where they want to be.

Did you have any expectations before attending the workshop? What was the main concept you wanted to learn?

Danielle: My only expectation was to keep an open mind, and learn as much as I possibly could. I also wanted to network with others while at the workshop.

Crystal: I tried to come into the workshop with an open mind. But, to be honest, I had put off coming to the Bloguettes workshop for awhile. Being immersed in the digital marketing space for so long as a web developer and director of marketing, I didn’t think there was a lot new for me to learn—boy, was I wrong! I was specifically interested in learning how to clearly define the brands I am building and how to execute an engaging blog.

Taylor: Yes, of course! I had followed Bloguettes, Sakura and Lorena for a while and felt like they really knew their stuff. I was always taught that you could learn from your own mistakes but you could also learn from other people’s mistakes. So I figured I would at least be able to hear what they had learned along the way, and really jumpstart myself into the blogging world. I mainly wanted to understand the business side of blogging, and how to really go about it like the profession that it is.

  • Some of our attendees listening in!
  • Our co-founders, Lorena & Sakura!
  • Our amazing space at Uptown Plaza!

What was your first impression of the venue and the Bloguettes team when you arrived on day one?

Danielle: I feel like the Bloguettes venues are always so beautiful and picture perfect and when I walked into this workshop location I felt exactly how I feel when I see the locations on social. media.  It was absolutely beautiful!

Crystal: “These are my people!” — That’s honestly the first thing I thought when I walked in the room. I worked in the fashion industry for 10 years, but for the last 4 I have been working in a more corporate climate. Spending the weekend with other creatives was a highlight. I enjoy being in the company of other individuals who are boldly pursuing their dreams. The venue space with the small pockets of “instagrammable” setups were all perfect and inspiring.

Taylor: I had seen Instagram stories of previous workshops so I knew that they always go full out when it comes to the venue. I was definitely not disappointed! The set up was beautiful, and everything was Instagrammable. (lol) The Bloguettes team was so friendly and welcoming, I got a sense that they really enjoy what they do.

  • Our amazing decor by Founders Grove!
  • Our beautiful floral arrangements by The Wildflower AZ!
  • Our setup for the weekend!

Tell us a little bit about the learning experience and workshop atmosphere. What was it like to be a student?

Danielle: I loved the organization of the learning experience, and loved having a schedule to follow along and take notes with.  It was nice to be a student for a change, since I’m always teaching.  There is always more to learn!

Crystal: It’s a real challenge to have an event of that size and still keep it warm and intimate. It was all well executed. Lorena and Sakura were great about spending 1-on-1 time with each of us to help us along the way. This was especially evident on day three when we dove into Photoshop. There cannot be enough good things said about the whole Bloguettes team. Everything from walking around and picking up our trash, directing us to the right tool in Photoshop, or bringing us iced coffees; there was always someone there to help. From a student’s perspective, these small details helped me be able to focus on learning and connecting with the other students.

Taylor: Well first, I was seriously impressed by the Bloguettes team; watching them in action, taking pictures, vlogging, and Instagramming; I could tell how much thought and effort they put into their brand and content. They really really know this stuff, and they apply it so well. Everyone on their team is so friendly and personable, I felt like I was just hanging out with my girlfriends all weekend. The learning experience was a 10 out 10. I learned so much from Sakura and Lorena, I felt like the entire workshop was very conversational – they weren’t just talking at us, or giving us facts they shared their real experiences with us and always took the time to talk through people’s questions.

What were your views on social media before the workshop? After?

Danielle: I love social media, I love the art of curating a post and how it connects with others.

Crystal: I have a unique experience with social media. I used to be the Digital Marketing Director for a large fashion retailer. When social media is your job and you are on it 24/7 executing campaigns and engaging with the community, you can become a little jaded. A lot of what we learned during Bloguettes I put into practice on a daily basis. Yet, Bloguettes helped me understand how I can apply the same concepts on a personal level. After the workshop, I am now able to reconnect with the importance of social media in brand and business growth.

Taylor: I knew that social media was obviously crucial to grow a following as a blogger and that high quality content is key to stand out. I was basically just taking good pictures, writing the content I love to write and then blasting it out on every social channel – but after the workshop I had a better understanding of how to use each social channel individually and most effectively. I was most surprised by how valuable Pinterest could be for my blog or any business!

Did you make any connections with fellow attendees? How was the group’s vibe overall?

Danielle: The group’s vibe was awesome. We had a great group, and yes I did make connections with other attendees. That was one of my goals of the class. A few of us have already met a few times to work together on what we have learned so far.

Crystal: I did! Connecting with other attendees was one of my favorite parts of the event. I made it a goal each day to engage with 2-3 new people. I met several women who will be people I am able to support, and vice versa, on our entrepreneurial and blogging journeys. The whole vibe of the group was inspiring. The room was full of people eager to learn and grow—my kind of people! I’ve already been able to meet up for coffee with three women from the workshop who are locals.

Taylor: Yes! I met some really awesome people that I am still connected with today – we plan to all help each other any way we can! Overall it was a very impressive group, I got a very passionate and enthusiastic vibe from everyone.

  • Our lunch spread on day 1, courtesy of Sprouts!
  • Our amazing lunch spread on day 2, courtesy of Worth Takeaway!
  • Lunch on day 3 was provided by Shake Shack!
  • The yummy treats made for us by Ruze Cake House!
  • The yummy treats made for us by Ruze Cake House!
  • How cute are these doughnuts from Rollover Doughnuts?

What was your favorite part of the entire weekend?

Danielle: I loved the Photoshop and Lightroom workshop. I’ve been using those already but I’m self-taught, so everything takes me longer than it should. This really helped answer a lot of questions for me.

Crystal: As I mentioned earlier, meeting like-minded people was my favorite part of the workshop. Second to that, I would say learning ways I can monetize.

Taylor: In my previous business I had tons of support and a large community of supportive people to learn from and help me, so when I left that business I was kinda terrified that I wouldn’t find that kind of supportive community. So, my favorite part of the whole weekend was meeting great people and seeing just how empowering the Bloguettes team is. I couldn’t believe how much Sakura and Lorena genuinely wanted to help each of us individually and give us as much help as they possibly could. The whole weekend left me very empowered that I could really take the info and execute it.

List your top 3 takeaways from the workshop!

Danielle: Oh wow, do I have to narrow it down to three?  I had a lot of Photoshop discoveries so that would be the first one. Second would be getting in depth with Pinterest, there was a lot I wasn’t aware of with Pinterest.  The third would be all of the information about blogs, affiliate programs, etc. were very helpful. I also really loved the Planoly app. This has been very helpful so far.

Crystal: Everything you do is a representation of your brand. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! From how you speak on your social media post to how you present yourself in person. At every touch-point, with a potential customer, you are representing your brand. Equally important is to make sure the quality and message of all these touch-points are consistent. Pay attention to the small details. Lorena mentioned the “remodeling survival kit” for the contractor she is working with. That has stuck with me as a way to unexpectedly delight clients. Make sure you are having a two-way conversation on social media, specifically Instagram. Sakura was great about pointing out how important engagement with your followers is.

Taylor: Be authentic and connect with your followers, it’s so important to understand your brand in depth, and to stay consistent across EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, and blogging as a business takes serious commitment and effort, treat it like the business that it is!

  • #bloguettes
  • Photoshop day in full swing!
  • We had a wonderful weekend!

Would you recommend our workshops to a friend? Why?

Danielle: I would highly recommend the workshop to friends.  I feel like the information could be useful for not only bloggers, but any business could really benefit from the information shared at the workshop.

Crystal: Yes, I already have! I’ve recommended Bloguettes to two women who are both trailblazers in their own right. One of them is the founder and conductor of Arizona’s first all women’s orchestra. My other friend is starting a nonprofit organization. What they both have in common is a need to brand themselves and their businesses. I can help them build a great website, but the training from Bloguettes will help with the communication of their brand on the various platforms.

Taylor: Yes, definitely! I already have, because the workshop is great even if you aren’t a blogger. A lot of small business owners NEED this information. The world is changing and if you don’t know how to tell your story or your brand’s story on social then you will fall behind.

How will you apply what you learned in the future?

Danielle: I have already started using a lot of the information from the workshop on my social media, blog, and Photoshop.  In addition, it inspired me to rework my website and design it with more of a purpose.

Crystal: The best thing about this workshop is how much actionable information you walk away with. I am thankful I took great notes! I will be applying the lessons I’ve learned in waves. My goal is to use what I have learned to grow my own personal brand, my personal training business called Body of Gratitude, and my web development company called Bodybuilder Websites.

Taylor: I already started applying bits and pieces when it comes to brand voice, consistency, editing and developing my blog website – as things move along I feel well equipped because I have all of my notes from the workshop to refer to. I basically left with a blueprint of exactly what I needed to do so I plan to just go through that step by step. Thank you so much for such a great weekend, and a great new group of people to connect with!

Watch our vlog below to get an insider’s look at what our Phoenix Workshop was like!

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