Phoenix Workshop Recap: July 29-31



Phoenix Workshop Recap: July 29-31, 2016 - Bloguettes: Take a look at our tropical themed Phoenix Workshop on July 29-31, 2016! We had everything from marquee cacti, vegan donuts, VW bus photo booth, & more!

We could tell you a million times over how much we love our workshops and how beneficial they are. But we thought it would be best to have you hear it straight from the mouths (er, keyboards) of some of the students who attended our Phoenix Workshop on July 29-31st.

Hear about each day from a fashion & travel blogger, a social engagement director & food and comedy blogger, and a mama that is a 4th year PhD student with an MBA who’s looking to start a wellness blog.

Day 1 – Blogging

As told by Nihan Gorkem, a fashion & travel blogger

Guess what – I finally attended my first Bloguettes workshop!

I left San Diego on Thursday morning for my road trip to Phoenix and was able to catch Happy Hour at SumoMaya before the workshop officially started. SumoMaya definitely won my heart because of its stylish vibes and airy ambiance. Plus, I’ve never came across an Asian-Mexican restaurant before. And trust me I would have known! Score!! I told their employees that they should definitely expand to California. I see that place and their amazing sushi being very popular in LA or San Diego.

The first day of the workshop, I walked in to find a picture perfect setup of farm tables and chairs by Classic Party Rentals. We got to take pictures and explore the space before the workshop officially started and for the rest of the day, got insider tips for branding and blogging. We talked about everything from launching a company to setting up a website and every single step in between that leads to a successful blog. Even though I’ve been blogging for a while now, I learned a lot of useful, new tools from the lovely ladies at Bloguettes.

This day of the workshop would be perfect for those who aren’t familiar with marketing practices or who are just starting out with their blog or brand. We talked about adding personal value to your brand/blog and focusing on the things that make you unique. We were given the task of asking ourselves the question, “What makes you, you?” and writing down in detail the characteristics of our brands, such as the categories we focus on and the colors we use. We also talked about the importance of goal setting, writing to a specific audience, and being consistent with publishing content.

Throughout the whole weekend, we were spoiled with delicious breakfast from Whole Foods in Phoenix, lunch from Flower Child on Day 1, an amazing bar cart by DANG! Fine Rentals, and pretty cookies & beautiful macarons from Ruze Cake House! I took so many photos of the food setup – the cactus and pineapple shaped cookies from Ruze Cake House were my favorites for sure. During the lunch break, we also had a super fun photo booth setup complete with silly hats and costumes by Rendezbooth!

I’m so glad I attended this workshop! I’ve been following the lovely gals at Bloguettes and the brand they created in a very short time and it was a blast getting to know them. Fun fact: I actually won a free ticket to attend this workshop because I won their Instagram contest. Woot woot! They definitely know how to throw contests and promote their company in a very stylish way, which is way I was attracted to the company in the first place.

Thank you Bloguettes for a great workshop and can’t wait to attend another workshop soon!

About the Author

Nihan Gorkem headshot (1)

Born and raised in Turkey, Nihan Gorkem is a Digital Marketing Expert and style & travel blogger at Style With Nihan. She is a lover of fashion, traveling, photography, art, sunsets, good eats and her edgy puppy, Mister Lady.

  • A stellar workshop setup thanks to Classic Party Rentals
  • Bloguettes totes lookin' real good on our shabby chic chairs
  • The tastiest (& prettiest!) Whole Foods vegan donuts
  • Whole Food breakfast spread sitting atop the oh-so pretty bar by Dang Fine Rentals
  • A variety of wraps, guacamole, & salads provided by Flower Child for lunch
  • Ruze Cake House's adorable pineapple cake pops
  • Teal cacti cookies with edible flakes of gold by Ruze
  • A few of our interns posing in front of Rendezbooth

Day 2 – Social Media

As told by Katie Roberts, a social engagement director, food blogger, & Bachelor comedy blogger

Being the new director of social engagement for a local startup company, I knew that Social Media day at the Bloguettes Workshop was going to be the most important for me to put into action in my new role. I couldn’t wait to see what I was going to learn on Day 2, having gone over the elements of blogging on Day 1. Honestly, I feel like the workshop just continued to get better and better and was excited every morning to get out of bed and get to their office!

The ambiance began the second I got off the elevator, where a beautiful Instagram-worthy lounge led to the glass doors of their office. Tremaine Ranch peacock chairs, Desert Loom macramé backdrops, Saw & Steel marquee cacti, and the florals of Bloom & BluePrint filled the studio space. Every aspect of the setup and the partnerships with all the vendors was a crisp reflection of what we were all there to learn that day. If only I could have my office like that every single day—I would be in heaven!

I dove into the goody bag the morning of. The tote had a hilarious “I don’t need the Internet, the Internet needs me” print on it to match the Bloguettes t-shirt we were also given. There were tons of other goodies including Kendra Scott jewelry, Kara’s Cupcakes, Nobody But Joe coffee scrub, Hello Hair mask, Belong Magazine, and Parabo Press photo print coupons. Basically, it felt like all of our birthdays in one day.

  • Our fab goody bag with all our amazing sponsors
  • Kara's Cupcakes yummy Toasted Coconut Marshmallows
  • Kendra Scott jewelry pieces
  • Nobody But Joe coffee scrub
  • The photogenic Belong Magazine
  • Bunky Boutique mason jars with an outline of good ol' AZ

We began the day in a gorgeous room decorated with tropical floral arrangements and a wooden cutout of #bloguettes by Lettercraft. We had a decadent display of fruits, yogurt and granolas, iced Futuro coffee & coolers, donuts, and my favorite pressed juice on the planet, Suja. Not only that, but the sponsor for the glassware, Bunky Boutique, made these absolutely adorable mason jar glasses with an outline of the state of Arizona, complete with a little heart right where Phoenix is. And the best part was that we got to keep them! (Currently sipping from mine as I write this now).

We then dove into the first part of the day to discuss the basic outline of social media, the different platforms, and how to find your voice. They made sure we had Bloguettes pens, notepads, and even a portable phone charger just in case we needed a little juice for our mobile devices. The lesson began by hitting two core questions: What do you have to say? Who do you want to reach? I found it super helpful to have a poignant lesson on the differences between the platforms and what content will reach the furthest or the most accurate audience on each. Having numbers and analytics to support what works best made my eyes open wide to what I have been doing incorrectly or what I had failed to notice at all.

Photo editing was a huge bonus on this day for me. Being a food blogger, it’s difficult for me to edit my photos without knowing the best programs or rules out there—the proper amount of pixels, and how to enhance the quality of my photos without buying a professional camera, just to name a few. They made photo alternative recommendations and showed us how to edit the photos, as well as which formatting works best to pull the eye of the audience we are attempting to reach.

We discussed Facebook, analytics, cross pollination across platforms, and setting realistic goals. They told us about a multitude of resources we can use to boost content and analyze the results, which is imperative for my business. Pinterest was definitely a platform I didn’t know much about and I learned so much purely by realizing the incredible reach it has, the engagement it initiates, and how I can apply that knowledge to better my brand. Being a huge fan of Snapchat, I enjoyed having a Snapchat contest for a goody bag and seeing how all the different people in the room utilize Snapchat as part of their brand while incorporating Bloguettes in the mix! The Bloguettes even had two geofilters set up for the workshop which made engaging even more fun!

Lunch was provided by Worth Takeaway and they had an incredible selection that included delicious sandwiches and chips with two different salad choices, one including the Veggie Salad including sweet potato & pickled cabbage. We definitely didn’t go hungry at the workshop! Iconic Cocktail Co. whipped up some yummy watermelon sodas that I couldn’t get enough of. They even had Cruisin Photo Bus come through and have a mobile photo booth session for the attendees!

Although we were learning a ton of information, the engagement with one another and the camaraderie we built made the experience better than I could have imagined. I went in hoping to learn more about how to better my business, brand, and craft, and ended up leaving with new friends and relationships alongside it! There’s an endless stream of information out there and these platforms are constantly updating, changing algorithms, rebuilding, etc. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of this workshop and can now utilize that info and more from Bloguettes through their webinars and camps in order to keep up with the changing face of the social media space.

Thank you, Bloguettes!! See you soon!!

About the Author

Katie Roberts

Katie Roberts is the Director of Social Engagement for Elite Restaurants and has two blogs: her personal blog, The Desert Blonde, and her comedy blog based on The Bachelor, Rose Before Hoes.

  • Lettercraft wooden hashtag hanging above our lunch buffet
  • Our vintage-esque marquee cacti by Saw & Steel
  • Worth Takeaway's always-sold-out sandwiches
  • Sweet mix-ins for one-of-a-kind concoctions by Iconic Cocktail Co
  • Refreshing summer watermelon tonics
  • The coolest photobooth on wheels: Cruisin Photo Bus
  • Snapping away in the photo bus

Day 3 – Photoshop

As told by Tanie Sherman, one of the original Bloguettes mamas with an MBA, is a 4th year PhD student in nursing & health innovation, and a soon-to-be wellness blogger.

Hi! My name is Tanie (Tah’nee), and I am so excited to tell you about my great experience at the Bloguettes Workshop, specifically the Photoshop day! First, let me say I’ve been a big fan of the Bloguettes team for quite some time–my daughter Allison started as Bloguettes’ very first intern over two years ago, and is now a Creative Assistant.

The Bloguettes office was decked out with beautiful rentals from Tremaine Ranch and Classic Party Rentals. I loved the macramé backdrops for photos from Desert Loom  and the earthy florals on our tables provided by Bloom & Blueprint Event Co. The morning began with a terrific continental breakfast spread sponsored by Whole Foods with amazing pastries, fruit, bagels, yogurt, and some vegan donuts that were to die for…perhaps not great for the waistline, but soooooo worth it! Since I am such a water hog, I was very grateful for the plentiful Waiakea water bottles throughout the day!

I was very impressed with how organized the Photoshop day was. Prior to Day 3, attendees received an email with links to download free Photoshop and Lightroom 7-day trials. We were also given a cute Bloguettes thumb drive with practice files when we arrived that morning.  One of the biggest challenges in presenting a Photoshop primer class like this is the vast experience diversity among attendees. I had very little prior exposure to any type of photo-editing software, and I sensed that others were already using Photoshop but wanted some extra tips to refine their skills.  Sakura did a fabulous job of leading us through nine lessons with some great interactive files and photos to work on. We all had time for some hands-on practice after each lesson. The best part was that we each received a beautiful, high-quality Bloguettes Photoshop Guide with all of the highlights reviewed in the lessons. Each lesson was provided in writing with easy-to-follow, beautiful illustrations.

  • Beautiful centerpieces styled by Bloom & BluePrint Event Co.
  • Tropical lounge seating by Tremaine Ranch
  • Desert Loom macramé backdrops & pot hangers
  • Fresh guacamole & tacos by Blanco Tacos & Tequila
  • Futuro cold brew & watermelon mint coolers

Our yummy lunch was provided by one of my favorites—Blanco, with plenty of time to meet and network with other business owners and bloggers. The desserts from Ruze Cake House prompted their own photo session as they honestly looked almost too pretty to eat! The remainder of the day focused on practice with some amazing photo editing techniques. I had no idea how much better a photo could look with a little bit of time and a few Photoshop flourishes–what a difference!

I am not a ‘millenial’ by a long shot, but am a mother of two of them. I am an older “baby boomer” who wants to become more tech-savvy, and learn about the importance of visual imagery in the development of a business brand and idea. I have an MBA, and have had a long career in the health care and consulting industry–and I will hopefully have added a PhD in nursing and health innovation from Arizona State University by this time next year. I eventually want to develop a successful blog focused on health promotion and healthy aging for women of all ages. My strong suit is writing and research, but I desperately have needed guidance in the “creative” and visual aspects of blog development, promotion, and making the most of social media platforms to grow a following, as well as monetizing a blog. The Bloguettes workshop met my needs perfectly, and was also a really fun, beautifully presented experience!

While using social media to grow a business is a totally novel concept for me, I believe that Bloguettes provides an extremely worthwhile service that is both indispensable and intensely practical. This workshop (as a whole) gave me a lot of food for thought AND action! I would highly recommend the Bloguettes 3-Day Workshop for anyone interested in learning how to creatively and professionally develop, promote, and brand a business or blog in the digital age!

About the Author

Tanie Sherman

Tanie Sherman has an MBA and is currently a 4th year PhD student in nursing and health innovation from Arizona State University. She plans on expanding her newly created blog, Well Optima, to focus on health promotion. She is also the mother of our beloved Creative Assistant, Allison.

Want to see more behind-the-scenes? Watch our official video recap below!

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