Why All Photographers Need Pixieset



All photographers know that one of the not-so-secret keys to running a successful photography company is to stay on top of the latest technological trends. From having the latest editing software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, to keeping your camera and lenses up to date, the last thing you need is another thing to add to your to-do list.

Recently, we discovered Pixieset.com, an online program that beautifully organizes all of your clients’ images in a simple-to-share platform, and we’re in love! Check out the 5 reasons we love using Pixieset below!


Some other client gallery sites make it hard for users to look at their photos on their phone in a format that still keeps the aesthetics of your photos in mind. Pixieset reformats galleries for viewing on mobile, but still keeps all of the functionality of the regular desktop version. The user experience on both platforms is relatively the same and is super easy to learn!

Public & Private Galleries

When publishing a new client gallery to your site, Pixieset allows you to choose if you want the gallery to be public or private. Whether we’re proud to admit it or not, not every photoshoot you complete will be consistent with your brand. Let your public gallery showcase your best work, and keep your not-so-great galleries on a private setting. Many photographers find this to be very beneficial to their portfolio!

Favoriting Option

Like Facebook and Twitter, Pixieset has a “favoriting” (or liking!) option! Photographers love this option because it allows them to get a better idea of what look their clients are really going for. For example, you can upload your unedited images to a private folder, share it with your client, and they can “favorite” the images they like. From there, you can simply edit the photos they really want and then upload the final edited versions of images they “favorited”!

Adobe Lightroom Compatibility

With Pixieset, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary copies of files taking up space on your hard drive! Pixieset has an Adobe Lightroom plugin for easy exporting and uploading. Not only does this save space on your computer, but saves you upload and download time as well.

After your clients have “favorited” their photos, Pixieset automatically generates a list of the file names that they “favorited” so that all you have to do is copy and paste the list into Lightroom! From there, you can edit their favorite photos or make any necessary changes before finalizing your gallery.  

Share Galleries With Custom Emails To Clients

Back in the day when you had to export all of your client’s photos onto a DVD or USB drive and mail it to them, the delivery process was impersonal and took FOREVER. Pixieset makes it easy to upload your images online, divide them into folders, and share them with your clients! Pixieset also allows you to create custom emails where you can leave a personalized message for each client. Additionally, you have the option to give clients a download code and you’ll be notified whenever a client downloads their gallery!

Will you be trying out Pixieset to share your photos with clients? Or if you already use it, why do you love it? Drop us a comment in the space below!